Media Day Musings

Published: September 24, 2016

Media day came and went. Questions were asked and answered. Some questions were danced around. Players and mascots literally danced around. It’s the official start of the season, everyone is undefeated, (almost) everyone is positive, and I’ve got some photos to share. Let’s go!


The Pelicans gift shop is pretty good at having an insane amount of variety (confetti looking hats, bizarre photo spread socks, Pierre the Pelican oven mitts) but the greatest addition to the Pelicans Gift Shop is the Buddy Hield jersey-shirt which I can’t wait to sweat through at the gym.

The latest addition to the locker room, however, is future best friend Lance Stephenson. If you recall last season while playing for the Clippers, Mr. Stephenson put both his hands down his pants while staring at me in hopes of shutting down my behind the bench antics. It didn’t work then but in a way it did because Lance remembered me and now we play for the same team.


This is the picture set-up that got the most cameras clicking during Media Day. There is nothing terribly exciting about this except that …


Tyreke Evans was taking different photos off in the distance and was inviting to join the foundation, the future, and the coach. Yours truly is not a professional photographer, but I did manage to go 4/4 on closed eyes so that should be good for something.


What am I doing with this donut? That’s a secret for now (videos coming soon) but know that by this time the season rolls around this donut might have a spot on the roster.


You know who doesn’t have a roster spot? This guy. What is he still doing in our Arena? I dunno. I can’t wait to see what photo replaces him. This hallway by the Capital One Club already boasts Jrue and Davis spreads. Who would you like to see replacing Ryno? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for videos from Media Day!

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