Season Finale – Pels v Wolves

Published: April 13, 2016

So . . . I believe there was some defense played in the first few minutes of this game.  By the Wolves.  Then both sides pretty much turned it into an All-Star game . . . with one side having the stars?   Sort of stars?

Really, we shouldn’t have expected more.  Only 7 players were available for the Pelicans, and they got smoked.  The team hasn’t been super interesting except in a “maybe this fringe player could stick” way for about a month, and tonight’s game was no exception.

NOW the real interesting things start – is the front office safe?  Coaching Staff?  Medical Staff?  What is our dream player in the draft?  Would it be better to move the pick?  Will the Pelicans get anyone useful in free agency?  Will they be able to move any dead weight?  Will any of these d-league all-stars stick and prove useful to the team?

Come the lottery night, this team gets a hell of a lot more interesting.  And that’s fun.

Expect some fun Pods – and hopefully some fun tournaments like the 2nd Pick Tournament!  Or something!

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