Game On: Pels vs Wolves, but . . . some other stuff

It’s an irrelevant game since the Pels draft position is set at 6.  This season, however, could be anything but irrelevant.  Most people – and organizations – make changes in response to pain.  They are not pro-active.

Well, I can’t think of anything more painful (in respect to basketball) than the season we just went through.  It’s been so bad that Anthony Davis – a guy who posted the 11th best PER of all time last year – is suddenly in danger of not making an All-NBA team and is having people talk about him like his ceiling is compromised.  Those two things are so incongruous it makes me want to say mean things on social media.  That’ll show ’em!

Sadly, I don’t know what this season should teach us other than two things:

  1. The team needs to actually focus on getting good defensive personnel.  Until the last month of the season, the Pelicans cobbled together an above-average offense. (It fluctuated from 7th to 13th)  If Anthony Davis plus one usable guard and a single shooting forward can do that for you – then get defensive players on the perimeter and fix the real problem with this team.
  2. Forget re-treads.  If a veteran guy has proven he is replacement level in the league – replace him, because the guys at the top of the D-League have the same level of talent, and are hungry, hungry, hungry.

Enjoy the game tonight – it will be fun, I’d bet.

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