Moleskin Moments: New Orleans Pelicans vs. Utah Jazz

Published: March 5, 2016

Here are the moleskin moments of the game:


  • 4:15 The Pelicans second and third best players just came into the game with 4:15 seconds left in the first quarter.
  • 2:43 Davis has nine shots already. Averaging 12.5 shots per game over the last two. Not shooting gwell, but good to see him getting shots up.
  • 1:37 Beautiful bounce pass from Holiday to a cutting Gee under the basket. Sends it back out to Douglas for a baseline three. It is nice to see. 23-17 Jazz lead


  • 11:11 Assistant Coach Robert Pack demonstrably upset after that Ingles made that open 3. @PelicansNBA down 32-20.
  • 8:43 Gee with back to back hustle plays in order to give some life to the @PelicansNBA 36-27 Jazz lead.
  • 5:54 Utah has shot 55% halfway through the second half. 16 points in the paint. The @PelicansNBA have only scored 2 points off turnovers. Trail 41-34
  • 4:31 Gee with a nice spin (walk?) and dish out to Anderson for the open three. 43-37 Jazz
  • 1:11 Davis with the And-1! Seeing him in the open court is one of the main reasons I push for pace. 48-41 Jazz.
  • 0:00 Asik’s value can be summed up in how Gobert to shaked his head in frustration, as he heads to the locker room post box-out.


  • Turnover battle (9 for Utah, 1 for @PelicansNBA) has negated the difference in FG% 52.8-38.8%


  • 11:22 Both teams come out of the half with beautiful set plays for easy buckets at the rim. 53-47
  • 7:38 In France, that is a rebound for Gobert #HolidayScoresTwoPoints
  • 1:26 Predicting Flagrant 1, but not a two, here.
  • 0:00 Who here remembers when the game was tied at 70? @PelicansNBA


  • 5:42 For being the team on the second night of a back-to-back, the Jazz have had way more energy in the fourth quarter than the @PelicansNBA
  • 5:02 Asik’s ability to set strong picks keeps Gobert honest on him when he is away from the basket and moving.
  • 1:27 Pelicans have 7 Turnovers to the Jazz’s 5
  • 1:27 Jazz +20 on the boards. +14 on FTM.

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