Pelicans Visit Oklahoma City to Play Thunder in Midst of Heavy Hearts

Published: February 11, 2016

For those of you who came here looking to read about what the Pelicans need to do to win tonight, I apologize for not delivering that to you. But it’s just impossible for me to write about the basketball game that will be played in Oklahoma City tonight.

Every time I start to research anything about tonight’s match-up or the “games within the game”, it just feels meaningless in comparison to the tragedy that occurred yesterday. For the few who have not heard, Ingrid Williams – the wife of former New Orleans Pelicans head coach and current Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams – passed away yesterday evening as a result of a car accident. For those seeking professional assistance, such as that provided by an accident attorney, visit

I never had the privilege of meeting Monty Williams or anyone else in his family, but anyone who has watched their fair share of Pelicans games over the past five years knows the kind of person he is and the values that he holds. Heck, all you need to know is what Monty did for Ryan Anderson in his greatest time of need to know that. Family has always been Williams’ priority, and you can see that so clearly in his relationship with his five children.

Professional sports isn’t the easiest industry to work in while trying to raise a family, but Monty did it better than anyone I have ever seen who made their living in the NBA. Through all of the travel and time away from home throughout the season, Ingrid was there, both to be a mother to their children and an incredible wife to Monty. The fact that she is gone now is so utterly heartbreaking that it still doesn’t feel real. I was completely torn up about it all night yesterday, so I cannot even imagine how those closest to him must feel. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

Tonight will be the last time for about a week that we can watch the Pelicans play, so enjoy it. But please keep Monty Williams and his family in your thoughts throughout the game, as they need our prayers now more than ever. Thank you, and go Pelicans.

Note: If you want to send flowers or cards to Monty and his family, send to the Thunder’s offices: 208 Thunder Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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