New Orleans Pelicans Host Los Angeles Lakers

((Sorry this did not post sooner . . . scheduling issue.))

The New Orleans Pelicans (18-30) host the Los Angeles Lakers (10-41) tonight at the Smoothie King Center. The game is nationally televised on the TNT and is on the Pelicans Radio Network, 99.5 FM locally.

The Pelicans have no changes to their Injury Report or Projected Starters. Evans is Doubtful, with Asik, Davis, Gee, Dejean-Jones, and Cole starting. The Lakers confirm Kobe Bryant will play.

As far as analysis goes, this is one of those “no good can come from this” kind of games. If the Pelicans win, so what? If they lose . . . well, there is really no excuse aside from some really bad news. If it’s just one of those games, they’ll still pay the price for losing. The Lakers have numerous issues to go along with some of their young talent, Kobe Bryant, Roy Hibbert, and more.

The Pelicans have lost 2 games to teams who used their big men effectively, along with their bigger smaller guys. This will be an issue for the Pelicans as long as they collapse into small ball when the going gets tough. At some point, they have got to use the big men they paid this summer in addition to Anderson and Davis (who really gets paid next season). If the Pelicans can build a decent lead (I’m not holding my breath) or dig a big hole (also not holding my breath), I’d like to see some work with the bigs.

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