Game On: Disappointment Bowl

Published: December 2, 2015

Come one, come all, to watch the most disappointing teams in the west!  The Rockets, pre-season Title Contenders, face off against the Pelicans, expectant 50-win Juggernaut!

Or maybe it’s a team with a -6.1 point differential going up against another with a -7.4 point differential.  In other words, teams that typically struggle to reach 50 wins when they have their win totals added together.

Anyways – it’s the second night of a back to back.  We’re still in a bit of injury fog, since that means we don’t know if Evans, Holiday or Cole will play.  Holiday has already played in a back to back and Evans and Cole aren’t on restrictions in that way – but who knows what a first game of playing on those bad ankles and knees will do – and if they do play, maybe it will be deemed foolish to play Holiday as well.

Any way we cut it, though, it will be fascinating to see how the team decides to play Harden.  The Beard isn’t quite back to his wrecking ball ways from last year, but he’s probably 95% of the way there.  The Pelicans will try Gee to begin with, but Gee loves fouls so much when he wakes up each day he kisses them good morning.  And Harden is a Tractor Beam for fouls.  So we’ll only get Gee for about 8 minutes tonight, I’d guess.

So who is the next option?  Evans?  Cunningham?  Cole?  Probably Evans I guess.  If he plays.

Keys to the Game:

  • Move the Ball.  This season the Rockets defend fairly well against ISOs – and in a possession that includes more than 1 passes, gives up open shots like nobodies business.  Pass a bit.
  • Cheat off shooters.  The Rockets have not shot well – and are very turnover prone if you pressure their half-court ball handlers.  Try to take advantage.
  • DO NOT BECOME THE TEAM TY LAWSON PLAYS WELL AGAINST.  The dude has been a flat out disaster.  I am so tired of guys playing poorly suddenly looking perky against the Pelicans.  If Lawson starts lighting us up, my mood will hit the basement.

Enjoy the game – and go to the Watch Party!

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