Alvin Gentry Observations from :07 Seconds or Less

Published: August 21, 2015

While this Jack McCallum book was published way, way back in 2007 (back when New Orleans gave Morris Peterson 4 years 23 million) it’s an addicting read of a basketball team that most states not named Arizona don’t bother banking in the memory. It’s extra relevant to us, Pelicans fans, as Chief Pelican Alvin Gentry was an assistant on this particular Phoenix Suns team.

Yours truly sped through this gem in record time and documented a few highlights below. To get the full effect, however, you must order the book yourself and dive all up in it.

OGentryBookn the importance of a head coach: “You slide down two feet on that bench and you just feel the difference in pressure.” Here’s hoping Mr. Gentry responds well to that pressure, yeah?

In response to the Suns being pushed around physically by another team, Gentry said, “Eighteen years in the NBA and I can tell you this: It’s either in you or it’s not.” Another gem on physical play: “if you get a reputation as a punk-ass team it’s one of the worst things that can happen.” Perhaps we can expect the Pelicans to incorporate a tougher mentality on the court?

Gentry’s comedic nature (Dismissing New York Knick and ESPN alumni Greg Anthony as “a Republican”) and leadership skills (often referred to as “the pro’s pro”) are well documented in this book – whether you’re already looking forward to the Alvin Age or you need some convincing, this book is highly recommended.

Chris Trew is a comedian and Pelicans season ticket holder. See him perform regularly at The New Movement, a full time New Orleans comedy venue or in professional wrestling rings in Austin, Tx. Follow him on Twitter here and listen to his podcast (up there to the right!). 

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