Game On: Pelicans @ Lakers

Published: April 1, 2015

If you’re like me, you are probably tired of hearing that every game is a ‘must-win’ at this point. So I’m not going to say it. I will instead refer to this game as “Necessary to avoid being called Schmucks.”

That’s right.  If the Pelicans lose to the Lakers tonight, they become schmucks.  For at least a little while.  Because this Lakers team is terrible.  No Kobe Bryant, No Nick Young, no Julius Randle, no Ronnie Price, probably no Boozer, maybe no Jeremy Lin.

The Pelicans might have Ryan Anderson back – and since Jrue is seeing his doctor in LA, we might get other good news at the same time.

So again, if they lose, they are schmucks.

How do they avoid such a fate?

Keys to the Game

  • Somebody has to score for the Lakers with all the injuries, and of late it’s been Jordan Clarkson.  He’s a quick point guard, and that’s been trouble for the Pels without Jrue Holiday.  Happily, Jordan is pretty inefficient – so the Pels should let him get his, and just make sure the rest of the Lakers – particularly Ed Davis and Wes Johnson – aren’t feasting off his penetration.
  • Don’t be stupid with the ball.  The Lakers are bad at forcing turnovers, so if the Pels finish this game with 16+, it’s because they were sloppy and decided the Lakers needed help scoring.
  • Rebound the ball.  The Lakers actually have one strength this season – and that is on the glass.  Without Boozer, it may not matter that much, but the Pelicans have the talent to win on the boards and should make it happen.

Enjoy the game!

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