A few members of the Pelicans lose to the Suns

Published: March 19, 2015

I don’t know what to say.  The Pelicans were missing Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson.  They got 18 minutes from Asik before he got hurt himself – and, by the way, he was murdering the Suns on the glass and defensively when he could play.  Tyreke Evans came up gimpy with a rolled ankle that kept him from ever hitting second gear on any of his drives – which prevented him from being anything even close to effective in the second half.

Oh, and Anthony Davis hurt himself in shootaround.  Right.  Shootaround.

Fuck you, basketball Gods.  Yeah.  All of you.

  • How do the Suns only manage to win by 2 in this game?  I mean, c’mon.  The Pelicans rolled out a starting lineup with 3 shooting guards and a tweener power forward and center combo that between them are less offensive than the sentence right before this bullet.
  • I want to say the reason tje game was close was because the Pelicans gutted it out – and the guys who played tonight did play damn hard all night long – but the Suns did also miss all kinds of open looks early in the game before they seemed to almost give up themselves like they couldn’t believe what was happening either.
  • The Pelicans really tried to ride the A-train tonight, but Ajinca couldn’t get anything consistent going and finished with 10 points on 12 shots.
  • Bledsoe looked awful tonight.  So bad, I would assume he had the flu, or forgot to wake up, or he had a robot created to impersonate him while he watched Kentucky play in the tournament.  Oh, and that Robot sucked at basketball.  Something, because Cole flat embarassed him all night defensively and even when Bledsoe wasn’t against Cole, he couldn’t get a pick and roll started to save his life.  It was terrible.  Oh – and his own coach clearly didn’t think he was much of a defender because Tucker got Evans to start, when Evans hurt himself, they put Tucker on Gordon and switched Bledsoe to Evans.  Evans promptly had his only three good drives of the game post-ankle rolling.  Time-out.  Tucker is back on Evans.
  • It’s hard to watch a team that is relying on Quincy Pondexter and Luke Babbitt as their secondary perimeter attacker.  There were long stretches where this was the case.  Not pretty.
  • If Asik hadn’t hurt himself, I’m pretty sure he would have had 8,322 rebounds in that game.
  • Archie Goodwin and Gerald Green have so little court awareness that I think they probably combine to create little court awareness black holes that threaten to destroy the Suns every game.

Enough.  I don’t know who will play tomorrow against Golden State.  At this point, it won’t be pretty, that’s for damn sure.


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