Moleskin Moments: Pels Sneak Past Bucks

Published: March 17, 2015


  • 9:16. @PelicansNBA came out strong, making jumpshots and taking advantage of the offensive glass. 7-0 Pels
  • 8:56 Lots of dribble hand-offs from the bigs to guards early. Momentum carrying them out of the traps that over-aggressive Bucks. #Pelicans 10-0
  • All it takes is one shooter to start making shots for this offense to open up (Thank you Quincy Pondexter)
  • 2:32 Lots of great looks for the @PelicansNBA to start this game. Great way to keep a team out if the open court is to make shots.
  • Great Quarter, must keep the ball moving in the second quarter. 32-21


  • Tough start to the second quarter.
  • 8:45 Tough start to the second quarter for the @PelicansNBA. Ball not moving as much. Jumpers not falling. 32-29
  • 8:45 Foot off the gas moment, let’s see how they come out of the timeout.
  • 6:26 Watching Alexis Ajinca post up is not the recipe to cure these offensive funk.
  • 5:40- Watching Eric Gordon run a pick and roll trying to set up Norris Cole for a baseline 3 feels backwards to me.
  • 4:02 Beautiful drive and dish by Gordon to Omer Asik. Need to see more of that against a team this long. #Pelicans.

Half Time

  • Schizophrenic half for the Pelicans. Need to clean that up in the second half if they want to win this one.
  • 14 points in the paint in the second quarter.


  • 9:16 Asik’s a monster. Got to love the problems he presents for other teams on both sides of the ball. #Pelicans
  • 5:12 Asik’s third straight double-double. #Pelicans.
  • 3:13 Bucks in the penalty. Have to keep attacking. Allows our defense to set up. #Pelicans
  • 1:40 Ajinca scores, Ajinca scores! #BenchPointsDoHappen


  • Heading into the 4th, wondering what happened to all those sets w/ bigs handing it off to our perimeter players @PelicansNBA had in the 1Q.
  • Both teams shooting under 40% (Both shot over 52% in the last game.)
  • @PelicansNBA needs to hang on with Anthony Davis getting looked at by trainers. Don’t want to blow the lead and have him make a rash decision
  • 8:58 Great play by Cole on that. Very aware. Vet move. #Pelicans
  • 8:58 AD pulling a Clark Kent, in and out of the locker room in a blink. #Pelicans
  • 6:17 So.Many.Jumpers. Pels need to go inside then out.
  • 5:34- Two quarters this game where the pelicans have score three points after 6+minutes. Not the kind of consistency we’re looking for.
  • 3:12 Gonna keep giving Asik love. Nice rebound and pass to AD. Better free throw shooter and maybe gets him going
  • 2:16 Tie game. Let’s see how the @PelicansNBA react after Sunday’s heartbreaker.
  • 1:56 Got a three by Gordon on that last Off. play. But spacing was horrible to start that possession. Pels need faster, better cuts when strong-side is flooded and Davis has the ball.
  • 9.7 Tough possession there. Kinda wish they didn’t take so long to start their action on Offense. Bucks length has been an issue all.
  • 2.5 Great deflection. #NoIceAsikIsAGod
  • I don’t know what happened that resulted in the Bucks getting the ball, but I’m pretty sure that ball rattled in and out of the rim longer than it took the ball from Caddyshack to drop. (The refs awarded Khris Middleton with calling a timeout before the ball was deflected out of bounds.)


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