Game On: Pistons @ Pelicans

Published: March 4, 2015

The Pistons haven’t played a game since Feb 28th.  The Pelicans are smack dab in the middle of a stretch of 12 games in 19 nights.  Fortunately, this game is the start of a three-game home stretch, so that should help the Pelicans face a rested team that is also fighting for its playoff life. (Should I mention that the Lakers would be fighting for their playoff lives in the East?  Naw.)

The Pistons will continue to be without Brandon Jennings, and the Pelicans will still be without Davis, Anderson and Holiday. (barring something unforeseen with Davis)

What can the Pelicans do to continue their strong play of late without their star?

Keys to the Game

  • Everyone must help on the glass.  Since Davis and Anderson went down, the Pelicans have been beaten on the glass in almost every game.  The Pistons are one of the few teams that could challenge a healthy Pelicans squad on the glass – and they will eat them alive tonight if wing players don’t come help grab rebounds.
  • For once, don’t worry as much about fouls.  The Pistons are the 2nd worst free throw shooting team in the league – thanks to Drummond.  If our bigs have to foul Drummond to stop him, they should do so.
  • Let fly from three.  The Pistons allow a high number of threes and a pretty good percentage as well. Since Davis went down, more threes have been being lofted by the Pelicans as Cole, Pondexter, Gordon and Babbitt move the ball around the edge and get open shots.  Keep this going.

Enjoy the game!

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