Game On: Nets @ Pelicans

The Pelicans unleashed a set of unlikely heroes against the Raptors last game to get the win.  Hopefully that crew can bring it again tonight as Tyreke Evans is still fighting a cold and though the Nets aren’t a good team this year, they do have a team that could be vulnerable to the slow-motion stylings of Alexis Ajinca and Luke Babbitt.  The Nets wing and interior defense is mostly plodding.

Still, let’s get specific.  Keys to the game:

  • Eat glass.  With Garnett gone, there isn’t a single Nets player with an better than average rebound rate for their position.  Even Plumlee is slightly below average for a center.  The Pelicans, even without Davis, have multiple solid rebounders.  The Pelicans should be able to control the boards and get easy shots.
  • Attack Williams and Jack.  For some reason, both Jarrett (who should play) and Deron Williams are having turnover rates well above their average.  Unleash Cole on them and see if he can create turnovers and get some rare easy baskets for the Pelicans.
  • Collapse when Plumlee is on the court.  Stay home otherwise.  The Nets are dangerous in a pick and roll only when Plumlee is on the court rolling to the rim and getting out in transition.  When he’s not on the floor, the Nets lose all ability to explode to the hoop and will generally settle for mid-range shots.  Be aware if Plumlee isn’t out there, there is almost no threat to score around the rim.  What few shots Lopez will take there will take time to develop.

Enjoy the game!

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