We’re Back: Pelicans @ Magic

Published: February 20, 2015

Armed with a new point guard familiar with Florida, the Pelicans play their first game in more than a week tonight in Orlando, going up against former Hornet Assistant Coach James Borrego’s squad.  The team will, of course, be without Jrue Holiday, but should be fielding Davis and Anderson to bring their squad to “mostly all there.”  That’s better than usual, am I right? (Update: Now Ryan Anderson is doubtful for this game.  I want to unleash a chain of F bombs here.  Are you with me?)

Orlando isn’t a good team.  The Pelicans are a solid team.  That doesn’t mean the Pelicans will win tonight.  What are the Keys to this game?

Keys to the Game

  • War on the glass.  Orlando is the 2nd best defensive rebounding team in the league.  The Pelicans are the 2nd best offensive rebounding team in the league.  If the Pelicans can win this battle, they break one of Orlando’s best strengths, making them easier game.
  • Be wary of three point shooting.  Orlando has a lot of young non-shooters on their team – but they also have some high-skill shooting specialists.  The result is a better than average shooting percentage – especially from the corner.  Don’t let this become a thing.
  • Be patient.  Penetrate, kick, and move the ball like we’ve saw some of before Davis went down.  Orlando lets teams get good shots if they get past the first line of defense.   Don’t play hero ball, and this becomes an easy victory.

Enjoy the Game!

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