Game On: Pelicans @ Thunder

I’m feeling pretty good about our chances tonight. The Pelicans have a history this season of losing games that were stacked in their favor – and winning games where they were not. Somehow, I doubt that Anthony Davis, Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans are going to combine to shoot 17-55 again. It’s also not that likely that Westbrook is going to be approaching (tying) his career high again. Because, you know, it’s a career high. Those tend to happen infrequently.

Right? RIGHT?

The job is harder since Durant will play tonight, though I’m not sure how much since he couldn’t practice yesterday.  Jrue Holiday won’t play, which is a monster shame, because nothing is more exciting than watching Jrue Holiday trying to anticipate and contain Westbrook.

Keys to the game

  • Control the glass.  The Pelicans have rebounded better than OKC this season, but in the last game, OKC battled them to a draw.  The Pels need all their advantages.
  • Hypnotize Ryan Anderson into thinking he’s at home, so we don’t see the crappy version we normally see on the road.
  • Don’t change the halfcourt gameplan on Westbrook.  He’s not going to sink those jumpers again – and if he does, good on him.  Instead, focus heavily on getting back on defense to limit his transition game.  That is where he murdered us on Wednesday.

Also, our own Chris Trew is running some alternative commentary for the first half of the game tonight. Stream it live right here on Your Sportscast!

Enjoy the game!

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