AD’s Flight Academy Rolls Through Fulton Alley

Published: January 28, 2015

For the second time in the past couple of weeks, the New Orleans Pelicans have made news for bowling. This time, the bowling is following wins, not preceding them. And this time, Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis were not the focal point of the event. Flight Academy”, is a monthly series of community events that Davis hosts in and around the New Orleans area for youths and families alike. On Tuesday, Davis, with an assist from teammate (and part-time special man) Anderson, led a group from the Westbank YMCA at Federal City during a night at Fulton Alley (600 Fulton Street.) The kids bowled, and when Davis got there, he made a beeline for the group of children, hanging out and playing with them. The night featured food (including fresh fruit) and refreshments, as well as free games of bowling for over two hours. Anderson, always a pleasure to be around, was cracking jokes throughout the entire event. Davis and Anderson have a real rapport, and watching the two get along off the court shows why they are so good together on it.

It is a treat watching Davis interact with the children. They all kept chanting “AD” and when he would walk around, they’d follow him, their real-life hero, just hanging out with them. The night ended with Anderson challenging Davis to a game of bowling. Watching the two of them joke around, while all the children chanted and joked, was great to see. Davis is sincere when he talks about what events like this mean to him, saying “When I walk in, they start cheering and everyone starts rushing to me, it was a great experience, great feeling, putting a smiling on kids faces.”

All the kids in attendance got two tickets to go to the Pelicans game tonight against the Denver Nuggets. Growing up in Miami. I never had an encounter like that with Alonzo Mourning, but with all the events he held down in my hometown (and playing basketball weekly in an indoor court he had built) it was a great feeling knowing one of my heroes cared about his and my community. And it is great to see Davis do the same.


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