Pelicans Lose a Close One in Dallas

Well that one was tough.  The Pelicans play very well but can’t hold on as Monta Ellis goes 5-6 for 11 clutch 4th quarter points to put the Mavericks up for good.  A very exciting back and forth match ends the Pelicans’ winning streak at 2, knocking them back under .500.

Some post game notes:

  • Pelicans win the rebound battle 45 to 29.  16 offensive rebounds really helped the Pelicans keep pace with Dallas’ efficient offense.
  • Jrue Holiday had a fantastic game, 30pts, 10asts, 12 of 22 from the field (14pts in the 4th). When he looks to score the Pels are a different team.
  • Pelicans defense looked ok but couldn’t get the stops they needed.  Only a couple defensive breakdowns but they all counted.
  • Mavericks started the game well, winning the 1st Quarter 25-15, then started he 3rd Quarter on a 7-0 run, and then the 4th on a 9-2 run.  These slow starts have been a theme in the Pelicans play this season that need to be addressed.
  • In the end the Pels had a good look from 3 by Anderson that he just didn’t knock down.  Anderson hasn’t been himself all year, struggling from deep as he is shooting a career low ~32% on 3pt attempts.
  • Dallas just seemed to have more tonight, as they had 4 players with 20 or more points.

Next up for the Pels (and it certainly doesn’t get any easier) is a home game against a streaking Cavaliers on Friday.


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  1. I really like Cunningham’s energy out there. Mekal never needs to shoot another jumper in life. Excellent passer, almost like Ricky Rubio. It’s time for Monty to sit Anderson if his shot isn’t falling. He does it for Rivers and Babbitt. Time to send a message. We can get by with Holiday, Evans and Davis performing the way they are while he’s finding his shot. I’m not to the point wanting to trade him, but it’s getting there. Like a 4 right now. Bottom line is I would’ve put money on Devin Harris bricking 3’s. This dude was on fire 2nite. That was the game.

  2. The Mavs success is the direct result of Dirk playing for less money than Gordon or Evans, and producing more than both combined.  Maybe an illegal ownership offer like they mentioned during the ESPN broadcast, or maybe he is satisfied being rich instead of filthy rich.   Guys like Harris, Jefferson, Wright, and Chandler are getting paid by Dirk instead of Cuban, and they were the difference last night.

  3. I never would have thought the Pelicans should consider
    trading Ryan Anderson until I saw him miss that game tying 3 point shot against
    the Mavericks last night.
    And then I looked at this:
    Through 21 games so far this season:
    Tyreke Evans’ 3 pt %:.321 vs. Ryan Anderson’s 3 pt %:.311
    Tyreke Evans’ FG %:.414
    vs. Ryan Anderson’s FG%:.405

  4. Would you guys have put jrue on Monta? I know he was off of him in the first half and part of third as JJ was running the point, but when Dalls went with Harris and Monta to close, I would have thought Jrue would switch to Monta for sure since he was manning the rock. The only reason I can see to keep reke on him is bc of the high pick and roll they were running with Dirk. Reke defended Dirk well when he switched, but we’ve also seen Jrue defend bigger players well for his size. Thoughts?

  5. xman20002000 champsworld504  It’s hard for me to say to bench him…rather just don’t let him play down the stretch. Run a big lineup and eat up the glass with Asik and Davis. Have the offense go through Jrue, Reke, and Davis. Make the other team play big. It’s all dependent on match-up though.

  6. Come On Pelican
    Anderson is a longer term piece, under contract until end of 2015-16 season and may be resigned.  So we need to let him play through this slump.  And don’t forget he had been great within 15 feet.

  7. champsworld504 504ever Come On Pelican
    Let’s evaluate than at the end of the season.  His is coming off neck surgery and the suicide of his girlfriend.

  8. Anderson is the best we got. He is our bench .The  only legitimate offensive threat we have not starting  . His shot will come around. Rivers is very inconsistent, but he can defend, Cunningham will get us hustle points,no doubt he also can defend, the rest of the sorry krewe need to be let go after the 15th.

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