Game On: Knicks @ Pelicans

Published: December 9, 2014

The Jason Smiths come to town tonight to face the Pelicans, who will try to take the game and get back to .500 in time to face a slate of tough opponents. So far this season the Pelicans have been able to take care of games against bad teams without too much difficulty, but tonight still does scream



Let’s hope the team takes the Knicks seriously enough that they don’t let this one get stupid.

Keys to the game

  • Clean the glass.  Clean it!  The Knicks are the worst defensive rebounding team in the league.  Cunningham, Davis, Anderson and Asik should have any putback at any time they want.
  • Don’t foul.  The Knicks are drawing an amazingly low .169 free throws per FGA, which equates to a whopping 17.5 free throws a game.  They aren’t seeking easy points, so don’t give them any.
  • In a direct synergy with the first point – attack the rim.  The Knicks have no shot blockers outside of Dalembert who doesn’t play much.  They allow sky-high shooting at the rim, allow sky-high offensive rebound rates, and they foul the crap out of everyone.  The Pelicans just need to attack and this game should come fairly easily.

Enjoy the game!


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