Pelicans at Nuggets Open Thread

Published: November 21, 2014

The 6-4 New Orleans Pelicans continue their road trip out West against the Denver Nuggets, who currently sit at 4-7 on the season.  The Nuggets have won their last 2 and hope to capitalize on their momentum after an abysmal start to the season.


1) Ty Lawson had an absolutely dominant stat line last game and is the engine of the Nuggets offense.. can Jrue Holiday and co. limit his penetration?

2) Kenneth Faried is not having the breakout year that many expected after his Team USA performance, but he is still frighteningly quick and certainly not someone you want to give easy opportunities on the O boards.  If Davis is going to play solid help defense, will Faried clean up on the O glass?

3) The Nuggets defense has been horrible so far this season.. how many points can the Pelicans put up?


Chime in below and enjoy the game!


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