Game On: Pelicans vs Spurs

Published: July 14, 2014

Destruction in the Desert. Violence in Vegas. That’s right. Tonight, the Pelicans take on the Spurs in a game that means everything. Will the upstart young Pelicans defeat the veteran-laden Spurs squad this summer? Will they continue to play well and put down their old division rival and rise to the league playoffs?

Some of those questions will be answered tonight. At least, for the summer league teams they will. And I can safely say this game will probably be easier for the Pelicans to take than any regular season battle would be. The Summer League incarnation of the Spurs is pretty small. Dainty even. Veteran Summer Leaguer and 26-year old Austin Daye is their leading rebounder and if you’ve ever seen Daye you’ld know he could turn sideways behind a sapling and you’d never know he was there. Combine that with a team-wide 36% shooting percentage, and the Pelicans summer shooters/formidable front line should be able to take this easily.  You can also see if Kyle Anderson – the favorite of many Pelican fans this off-season – can make an impact and keep the game interesting.

Still – if you want to see the Pelicans smack around the Spurs, this is probably your most likely chance in the next 12 months – so watch this game! Russ Smith is fun, Courtney Fells is balding and knows how to shoot, Patric Young and Arinze Onoaku can bench press elephants and Jeff Withey has a full head of impeccably parted hair. Good stuff!

Oh, and the NBA is only charging you $4.99 to watch any games you want to. Take advantage. I did.


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