Game On: New Orleans Pelicans at Utah Jazz

Published: April 4, 2014

Should I even pretend? Honestly, this is the question I find myself asking as I try to preview this game. The goal of this site is to dig deep into the numbers, the matchups, and the trends so that our readers don’t have to search through all the minutia just to get a few gold nuggets. But honestly, I can’t even pretend that I know what to look for tonight, because I don’t know who or what we will be looking at in this game.

Will Anthony Davis play? How about Eric Gordon?

Are we still playing to win games or has Monty shifted his focus to player development?

What are the Jazz intentions? Heck, what do their fans want? One of their most recent wins at home was met with a chorus of boo’s by the fans, so who knows what the fans and that organization wants.

I can sit here and try to pretend that I know what to expect and say that if the ‘Pelicans do X, they will win, but if the Jazz accomplish Y it will be tough.’ But that would just be hogwash. Honestly, we won’t get news on Gordon and Davis until right before game time, and beyond that, would anybody be shocked if Tyreke was out or if somebody else came down with some random “upper respiratory infection?”

This much is true: There will be a game tonight. Ten players will start in it and ten players will finish it. One team will score more than the other and “earn” a win. Oh, and Greg Stiemsma will pick up two fouls in the first five minutes he is  on the court. Those are the only certainties. I won’t pretend to know more than that.

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