Trew 2 the Game #31: Anthony Davis sets internet on fire (Required Snow Day Reading)

Published: January 28, 2014

Flights are cancelled. Schools are closed. Meeting are being rescheduled. New Orleans weather wizard Margaret Orr says that “A cold front moved through and went offshore. Cold air moved into the area. Moisture moved in from Texas. When it encounters the cold air, a wintry mix will develop“, but I think we all know what is really causing this disruption in the crescent city.

In NBA game #100 for the future of New Orleans basketball Anthony Davis, he set the internet on fire. Most of us have been hot on the man all year long. For those not paying attention to the Pelicans this season because of the injuries, we suggest you tune in more often as Davis turns up the temperature on his sophomore campaign.

Here’s a collection of  posts concerning the Davis on Davis dunk: spent nearly 300 words talking about the dunk. Slam just threw up a quick post about the dunk, but probably because the writers can’t do their job properly with their jaws wrapped around their ankles. Sports Illustrated went hyperbole on that ass, constructing the most brilliant piece of dunk journalism in the history of professional basketball.

There’s over one hundred and fifty comments on a Reddit post dedicated to the dunk (thousands more were likely deleted by an Orlando-based moderator). CBS thinks the dunk shrunk Big Baby. Yahoo uses the word “nightmare” and the phrase “kiss of death.”

Most of us can agree that the inaugural Pelicans season is not going well. But it’s nice being recognized. Most of us believe that Anthony Davis could be one of the all-time greats – and it’s nice when piles of positive journalism gets dumped on a New Orleans basketball player. Also, most of us just want to protect our good boy Jeff Withey and well, it’s nice that he’s no longer part of the equation for Dunk of the Year.

One more time for good measure.

Chris Trew is a New Orleans-based comedian who performs weekly at the home for New Orleans comedy, The New Movement. See him this Friday at 10:30p for The Real @ChrisTrew Show. Follow him on Twitter for more sports jokes.

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