Social Media Squawk: Episode Two — Fire Monty Williams?

Published: November 18, 2013

When the New Orleans Pelicans lost to the Los Angeles Lakers many fans started to call for head-coach Monty Williams to be fired. These desires were intensified after New Orleans lost to the worst team in the league, the Utah Jazz, on Wednesday night. A hash-tag (#FireMontyWilliams) was created and jumped on by many users on Twitter.

I personally am not an advocate for firing Monty Williams. Coaching changes in the middle of the season are dangerous, especially to a young-team. Continuity is something that this organisation hasn’t had for a long time. While Williams may be a major reason why the team is underachieving, getting rid of him is only going to make things worse.

Reassessing the coaching staff at the end of the season is a better way to go about this. If the organisation does this they can act with more purpose and better understanding of the situation. Additionally the players can adjust more easily during the off-season when things are a little less chaotic.

Let’s take a look at some of the tweets fans had:




So as you can see from Wednesday night things were heated. I mean really heated. Let us know what you think about the head coaching situation in the comment section below.

Austin Rivers Unhappy, About Basketball?

No one is sure when people write or post vague or non-specific things on their social media feeds. However this post is particularly insightful because we know that Austin isn’t getting the playing time he would desire.

What do you guys think? Is this Austin venting in his own way or is it something less controversial?

Bourbon Street Shots Gets Kicked Out Of Party Perch

Well Joe wanted to review the Party Perch a newly added aspect of the renovated New Orleans Arena. Unfortunately he couldn’t do so because he and others were kicked out. Talk about your Pelican Party Poopers.


To say the game-day experience has been lacking would be putting it mildly. We’ve heard of poor beer tap allocation, over-rated food stalls and now a “Party Perch” that has no live band. Let’s hope things pick up for All-Star weekend.

Best Fan Tweet

I was on the lookout this week, but there’s nothing better than this. First thing I said was, “Oh God, make it stop.” Then I gave a light-hearted chuckle. There’s nothing stopping this chicken-monster. Props to @mknkachow give him a follow on Twitter!

Opponent Of The Week

Diante Garrett came off the bench in Utah and looked like Jarrett Jack in the 2013 NBA Playoffs. I mean, it was ridiculous. Today he is our opponent of the week and because of that I want Jrue Holiday to destroy him back to the D-League. I mean seriously, how did he look so, well… respectable?

He was at Wal-Mart that morning buying useless crap and then the next thing you know he’s dishing out 5 assists in an NBA game.

Twitter Account Of The Week

This one has to go to Joel Meyers the New Orleans Pelicans commentator. He joined recently to twitter and wasted no time getting acclimatized to it’s power for awesome:


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