Game On: New Orleans Pelicans @ Memphis Grizzlies

Published: November 6, 2013

There’s a leak in the boat.  And now a Bear wants to get in.

The Grizzlies haven’t come out of the gate gangbusters this season as they adjust to a new offensive scheme under a new coach. (and the fact Zach Randolph was a little fat)  They now stand at 2-2, having beaten the Pistons in overtime and beating the pretty bad Boston Celtics on Monday.

The Pelicans arrive in Memphis having been unable to string more than a pair of good quarters together in any game outside of the Bobcats blowout.  The team almost doesn’t seem to know what to do with the big leads it jumps out to, and by the third quarter, it’s Dumb Zone-city and the team starts jacking mid-range shots.  At least, anyone not named Anthony Davis does.

Tonight, it may be more of the same.  Conley and Tony Allen are stellar perimeter defenders, and Prince is at least decent out there still.  They will make things hard, and all Pelicans guards not named Brian Roberts have shown they are happy in the second half to pull up for jumpers rather than fight to the rim.  Or they run that most easy of plays – the pick and pop for a 20 footer.  You know why that is easy?  Because shooting a 20 footer is dumb, and good defenses know that.

So let’s get to the keys of the game other than “go to the rim in the second half, please”:

  • Guard the corner three!.  This team doesn’t.  They have already allowed 31 corner three attempts this season.  Opponents take that shot 10.4% of the time.  That’s the third highest rate in the league.  The corner three is the deadliest, most efficient shot in NBA basketball.  STOP LETTING THEM SHOOT IT!
  • Let Anthony Davis be the focus of the offense when Zach Randolph is on the floor.  Davis’s footspeed is going to kill Randolph right now, who is not yet in shape.  Let him run riot.
  • Make a shot at the rim.  The Pelicans continue to struggle at finishing shots where most teams have the most success.  They are getting to the rim, they just need to start converting.

Let’s hope they can get back on track tonight.  Enjoy the game!



Don’t forget that we’re hosting a watch party at Tracey’s Bar tonight. 2604 Magazine St.

Wing specials, beer specials, lots of Pelicans fans, and basketball on a bunch of TVs.


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