Weakside Eyes: Summer Reading, Part 4

“Cherish today, ’cause tomorrow can be real crazy”

  1. Don’t say “its not working;” explain why it’s not working.
  2. While watching a game, can you explain why a team is winning/losing and how those things are happening?
  3. Help the “help defender.” Never let the helper’s man score.
  4. Can your defense get 3 stops in a row? Can your team do that 6 times in a game? I call 5 stops in a row a shutout.
  5. Always keep track of the number of “lane catches” your offense gets and how many your defense allows
  6. Don’t give the cutter a choice of which direction to take.
  7. Shooters must be able to shoot
    • off the dribble
    • off the cut
    • off the “spot up” from a drive & kick.
  8. Unselfish plays in basketball
    • screening
    • swinging the ball
  9. Length and quicks shrink the floor… you need these physical qualities on your team
  10. Watch the GREAT ONES play and you’ll learn a lot.
  11. Little/Big means doing the little things makes big things happen… Little/Big!
  12. You can’t change physical bad habits by just “voice.” The body must learn to correct it with drills/repetition.
  13. In a late game “special situation,” try using a good shooter to screen for another good shooter. Makes it tougher for the defense to defend.
  14. It’s a game of ‘counters’
  15. Coaching is for today, teaching is forever.
  16. OFFENSE is all about spacing… DEFENSE is about rotations.
  17. Don’t mistake activity for accomplishment… that’s called “false effort”
  18. Do you know what the “four levels” of the court are?
  20. “You either deal with the s__t or the s__t is gonna deal you.” All easy problems have already been solved… learn to deal with the chaos ’cause it happens.
  21. Would you trust a player that puts pineapple on a pizza to take the last shot?

“Make deposits into your knowledge bank every day.”

If you have any questions about any of the summer reading topics, please ask them; I will respond to your posts.

Gerry V is a 21-year NBA analyst, 17-year talk radio host, a 16-year coach, and current anchor for “Fox 8 New Orleans Morning Edition”, 5 a.m. – 9 a.m. and “Fox 8 News at Noon.” Follow Gerry V on twitter (@GVTalk).

8 responses to “Weakside Eyes: Summer Reading, Part 4”

    • LOL! Good one..i put that one in there to see who would catch it…”never trust a player to take the last shot if he puts pineapple on pizza!”…

  1. ” 13. In a late game “special situation, try using a good shooter to screen for another good shooter. Makes it tougher for the defense to defend.”

    Anderson screening for Holiday? Me likey.

    • …and you will see Monty williams do this…the Pelicans have acquired more offensive creativity that will allow them to “break off plays”…scoring was so badly needed……thanks for the response.

  2. Love all of this. #3 is all about developing trust. If a helper can’t help without looking bad, then you will not have aggressive rotations. #13 was abused in the 2013 Finals; Ray Allen screening for LeBron was devastating for offensive spacing.

    • YING: good observation on your part…its a bitch to defend cause even if you switch the burden is still on the defense..and if the switch creates an even more difficult matchup…DEFENSE DIES!

  3. #14..with the addition’upgrade of ball handlers the Pelicans will be able to counter defensive looks….also one important thing for players to do is alter their cut routes…the ole rule of “take what the defense gives you” applies many time…however the Spurs are one of the best of giving you something and baiting you so they can take away the option elsewhere…which i will explain i a future “Summer reading”

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