Denver Nuggets Three Point Barrage Takes Down the Pelicans

George Karl has often said that on some nights there is simply nothing you can do to avoid a loss. The other team just has “one of those nights,” and it just happens to be against your team. That was what happened to the Pelicans today, as the Nuggets started off red hot from deep and barely cooled down, as they defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 87-82.

Jordan Hamilton had 23 points, including 18 in the first quarter on just eight shots, and 2012 2nd round pick Quincy Miller was 5-5 from deep and finished with 17 points in just 18 minutes. For the Pelicans, Austin Rivers, Brian Roberts, and Darius Miller carried the load, scoring 56 of the teams’ 82 points, while Jon Brockman, Jeff Withey, and Lance Thomas all contributed to the Pelicans 31-27 rebounding advantage.

The Pelicans had their best shooting night of Summer League so far, hitting over 49% of their shots, but were simply outdone by a red hot Nuggets team that finished 12-22 from deep.

Just one of those nights.

Other Notes and Observations

– Rivers continues to get by his guy at will, going left or right, but he still only attempts to finish with his right hand. If you get by a guy left and have him on your right hip, you lose the entire advantage you created by attempting to finish with your right.

– Darius Miller can be waived by July 27th with no financial penalty. After the 27th, his contract becomes guaranteed for this upcoming year. The coaches and other players are rooting for him, and even Bryan Gates told us yesterday that he has “spent more time with Darius Miller than his own wife since the season ended,” so it is nice to finally see him have a big game. I don’t think this guarantees his spot, but it helps. Another poor game or two would have really hurt his case. He finished today’s game with a team high 23 points on 8-15 shooting, but was still somewhat disappointing on the boards, grabbing just 2 in 36 minutes.

– Pierre Jackson came down with pink eye, and as a result, he is being kept away from the team. Really tough couple of weeks for Pierre. First the trade hold up keeps him from being with the team, now this.

– When I talked to Rivers after the first game, he said that his elbow popping out was part of the problem when it came to his jump shooting. But according to him, his lack of balance and tendency to fade away was the bigger problem. He didn’t take a ton of jumpers today, but on the ones that he did take early on, he had that slight fadeaway again. Didn’t fade away when he drained that corner three in the 4th.

– It’s great to see the support that the Summer League team is getting from our other players. Anthony Davis has been an assistant coach of sorts all summer, Eric Gordon has been in town the last few days, and today Ryan Anderson and Al Farouq Aminu were on the bench, giving their support. There is a real excitement that you can feel when you are around these guys, from the coaching staff to Dell to the players. Get ready for something special these next few years and beyond.

– The Pelicans final game of Summer League will be played Friday at 5:30 CT, against the loser of the Washington/Memphis game.


10 responses to “Denver Nuggets Three Point Barrage Takes Down the Pelicans”

  1. Another poor game or two would have really hurt his case.
    And really pissed off his wife!  😉
    elbow popping out was part of the problem
    That could be career-limiting. 
    today Ryan Anderson and Al Farouq Aminu were on the bench
     Feeling embarrassed about EG there but not them?

    • AngryCookies I had read/heard somewhere in a report that Rivers used to play in a more explosive manner, attempting dunks often.  Last year it was noted that this was non-existent, lending more credence to the belief that he really was playing injured a lot.  I remember him turning his ankles in the summer league last year, and he may have really never recovered…think he has some minor surgery as well at some point on them?  Anyway, I didn’t see the game, but your post has me thinking that what I heard a few weeks ago about him regaining his explosiveness is proving to be accurate.  Also a very good thing!

  2. I can’t help but hate Denver, just because of that historic playoff loss…
    Well, that was Hornets history. We are no longer Hornets. Here comes the Pelicans, Clean and Fresh!
    That’s nice! 🙂

  3. It’s rather upsetting when you lose to a team that has gone 0-3.
    I have to remind myself:
         A:  It’s Summer League.
         2:  This was a rare occassion where almost every shot they took was falling.
         %: Take it with a grain of salt.

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