Summer League Day Four: Interviews with Lance Thomas and Jeff Withey

Following Jeff Withey’s second full practice with the team, we got a chance to talk to both him and Lance Thomas

8 responses to “Summer League Day Four: Interviews with Lance Thomas and Jeff Withey”

  1. Great questions there MM, it looked like Withey was looking at the ground the whole time I guess he’s just that big.

    • wagman0650 Yeah, I am 6’5″ and Withey is th eonly guy on this team who makes me feel short

  2. We got seeded #11 and missed the cut to bye the first round of Summer League playoffs. We are the only team with 2 wins who has to play Round 1. I cannot remember the tiebreaker but was it the number of winning quarters? Well, it would be nice to skip Round 1, rest and practice one more day and play Round 2. Now, they have to play today and possibly a back-to-back.

  3. We play in the first Round and I see it as a great opportunity for the players to showcase themselves (since they are vying for jobs).  Hopefully, they won’t come out flat or over anxious, just play their games so we can see their real talent.

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