Every Ryan Anderson 3 From The 12-13 Season

With rumors of talks about trading Ryan Anderson to Houston I thought now would be a good time to remind everyone why we love Ryno so much with this little video of every 3pt shot he’s hit last season.

Which was your favorite Ryan Anderson 3?


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      • spatching3 Only way they make the deal.. is Anderson and Aminu for Asik and Parsons

    • The Rockets aren’t dealing Parson.  He was part of the Rockets contingency that met with Dwight Howard and he heavily recruited him to come to Houston.  Dwight is so sensitive that trading Parsons after using him as bait may frustrate the relationship before it really begins. 
      Also, Asik has a poison pill final year on his contract that was included to keep the Bulls from matching.  Rockets did the same with Jeremy Lin.  Maybe if this were the NFL where contracts can be restructured it would work, but as it is Asik is a $10 million/yr. guy – Houston only paid him $5 million last year.  Plus, Dell has to realize the competitive advantage of the Rockets, a division rival, being saddled with $30 million tied up in Lin and Asik next year, plus another $35 million in Harden and Dwight.  They will have no play in next season’s free agency market and will not be able to put pieces around Howard and Harden because Asik and Lin’s contracts.

      • malltmont this is one of the reasons I think the Rockets are a paper tiger. They don’t have an opportunity to add pieces because of the contracts, and means they won’t have any kind of production off the bench. Plus, Howard’s back isn’t going to remain ‘fixed’, eventually it will give him problems again. I commend Houston for trying to put together a strong team, I just think they weren’t really smart about who they got for that team.

      • RobertWelch malltmont They’ll be able to move Asik to SOMEBODY and then add Chris Anderson / Shane Battier / Ray Allen type pieces for title-chasers IMO.  They might even be able to move Lin to a heavily Asian market for ticket sales alone – we’re fortunate that the likliest prospects (GSW, NYK, BKN, LAL, LAC) are all up against and over the cap.  They may be stuck with Linsanity.

      • RobertWelch malltmont 
        Y’ALL stay pelican fans, and let the professionals decide who is maxed out or not!!!
        everybody knows, after this coming season.  we will have 5-7 million open to spend, I forget where our gm said its coming from!!!
        Also you can not possibly talk that much negativity towards a team, thats done nothing, but try to turn a sub par team in contenders in just 8 months!!
        and is willing to spend money, in order to win!!!
        Les Alexander owner of the rockets verbally said,” I HAVE MONEY, I DONT HAVE ENOUGH RINGS” And I have no problem getting taxed because of going over the cap, if we have a chance to win a title!!! With all that said, what has your owner/GM done? besides the great rename of THE PELICANS!!!
        Yall do have a lot of young talent!!!

      • TexansRocketsFAN82 RobertWelch malltmont  Well, TexansRocketsFAN, we have an owner who has won a Super Bowl, and that is harder than an NBA championship because you are one and done in the playoffs. Benson obviously has the desire to win, and I think that same drive is being brought to the Pelicans. But he’s got people doing it in a smart way. There have been plenty of NBA owners who have thrown money at their teams to go for a title, and more have failed than made it. The Rockets really look like a team that will fail more likely than make it in the long run to me. The only player on the roster that I really think has what it takes to go all the way is Harden. 
        I’m not saying that right now the Pelicans have a better chance at going all the way, heaven knows we aren’t there. But I think we are doing more to put together a team that in 3 years will be in a stronger position. Houston really has a lot riding on Howard’s back, and that back may just prove to be glass. And he’s never impressed me as someone who has the mentality to really dig deep and overcome adversity, like the adversity you’ll see in a championship series. He needs his hand held too much, someone constantly reassuring him. I don’t know for sure yet if Anthony Davis and crew really have what it takes either, but something tells me in 3 years, they may be a real contender, not a pretender. That’s something that money alone just can’t buy.

  1. Packing the paint would be nice on d, but think how congested it would be on offense if our top 5 players did their best work at the rim. Why I hoped we were going after Copeland or at least delfino, we need to add floor spacers, not subtract one of the best in the leaugue. That quick release is unbelievable. Hope to see ryno hittingany came winners in the future for u

  2. Around 6 min in, Hornets are playing the Suns and Gortat is failing to meet Anderson at the three point line.  The Suns switch to Scola and he’s hugging Anderson all over the floor.
    And Anderson still drills three threes on him.

    • ryanschwan Yes the last one looked like it just deflated them…one more sharpshooter so that both first and second teams had that kind of outlet to open up the floor would be awesome

    • ryanschwan And I remember how the pundits said his most improved player status came on the back of Dwight Howard and that without Dwight he would struggle to be effective…

  3. This is great Dru! Now can we get a compilation of every Austin Rivers free throw made from the 2012/13 season?

  4. My favorite part is the opposing commentators. The ones from Milwaukee were especially animated. Every time he catches the ball and is remotely open, the first words out of their mouths is, “Oh no…”

    • Agree! They had me laughing at a few points…”how can they not have someone on him” and the “oh no” types were like:
      -picking up Holiday – picks and $11mil/yr
      -picking up Evans – Vasquez and $11mil/yr
      -listening to opposing commentators before Ryno buries another 3 – PRICELESS

  5. Michael, yesterday on Twitter you put forth a lot of arguments in favor of Asik over Anderson, but you always tempered your case by saying you’d still rather keep Anderson. What makes you prefer Ryno over the player that you think the Spurs would choose?

  6. Fellas, I’m expecting a comprehensive 2-hour podcast on my desk by 10AM tomorrow morning.  I’m talking a breakdown of our roster from spots 1-12, a look at how we stack up compared to the rest of the Southwest, and an examination of what Monty’s rotations will/should look like.  Kay thanks.

    • Roger.That.  
      I’ll give you my preview of the podcast.  
      This team is being built on two complimentary principles: an exceptional ability to defend, and the ability to run/drive to the basket.  These are complimentary because stops on defense (opponents possessions ending in missed shots and no free throws) give you a greater chance to run, or drive to the basket before the defense is set.  
      This philosophy is like the Miami Heat model and, like the Heat, the Pelicans will look to develop outside shooters over time from their current roster.  The Pelican already have a good start on perimeter shooting: Smith and Davis have a perimeter game; Holiday, Evans, and Gordon are reasonable spot up 3pt shooters; and Anderson is amazing from 3.  
      There is huge line-up flexibility.  The Pels can field big, average, or small line-ups as needed.
      The Pels will compete for a playoff spot next year, but understand they will have to win close to 20 more games next year to make the playoffs.  Historically, that is a huge (and rare) improvement from one year to the next.  I see us finishing 8th, barely beating out the Lakers and passing all of the non-playoff teams above us in the Western Conference.  [If we do that next year, it would be amazing (and rare).]

    • Roger.That. A substantial recording is scheduled. I’m not sure They’ll get into all 13 roster spots that seem to be spoken for, but you’ll have two guests, only one of whom is Gerry V.


      • Jason Calmes Roger.That. Gerry V is awesome! I look forward to hear what he says about the new lineup. His point in a previous interview about how the Spurs always push the ball up the court so they had 20+ seconds to work through at least 2 plays (if the first one didn’t work out), vs. the 16-17 seconds the Pelicans (Hornets) would typically have, which would allow for one play and a desperate heave of the ball when that one play didn’t work out was one I hope the team hears. I want to say they are taking steps toward fixing that, by bringing in the speed and moving out the slower players (Lopez in particular).

  7. Anyone that would take Asik over Anderson is insane.  I stopped watching around the 20 min mark, but as always, I’m amazed at how little space he needs to get his shot off.  I also agree with another commenter, that the opposing announcers are clearly the best part of the video.  I love hearing their desperate pleas like “you gotta get out on him!” or “Oh, goodness.”
    This offseason has been crazy.  I can’t wait to see us whip the Lakers by 20 pts at home this year much to the chagrin of all the Kobe trolls in the arena.

    • nolahog I don’t think anybody wants to trade Anderson for Asik.  Most of us would be willing to move Anderson AND Rivers (or a comparable package) to get Asik AND another piece – Parsons or the Euro big, etc.

  8. I don’t think that would be a good idea….he will keep the lane open for other guys to get to the rim….don’t do it Dell..

  9. As expected stiemsma was just renounced to make way for pek,leta do this thing. Sign Stiemmer and Jamison, and we can call it an offseason!

    • Houpgarou Sorry guys tried to delete the post pics but couldn’t!…perhaps the JC aka THE “42” has that power?

      • Pelican Poster Houpgarou Here is Pelican Poster’s Post without pictures:

        Houpgarou No offensive punch but after bouncing around int’l, NBA, and D-League (per Wiki):

        He made his NBA debut on December 28, 2011, against the New Orleans Hornets, playing 20 minutes and recording 2 points, 6 blocks, and 4 rebounds. His 6 blocks was a Celtics franchise record for a debut. His contract was fully guaranteed for the remainder of the season on February 8, 2012. He received one vote in the 2012 All-Rookie Team voting.

        In 2011, he earned a bronze medal with Team USA at the Pan American Games.  Stiemsma lead the tournament in Field Goal Percentage (.889; but he only avg’d 3.8/pg) and was second in the tournament in blocked shots with 11 as Team USA went on to win the Bronze medal.

      • Houpgarou Not my post. I reposted Pelicans Poster’s post without pictures. I don’t get into these player scraps more often than not.

  10. I can’t even describe how upset I would be if we traded Anderson. The value of a young versatile player on a good contract should not be underestimated. He’s also my favorite player on the team.

  11. I noticed that a lot of those threes were initiated by a Rivers/Roberts/Mason Jr./ or Vasquez pick and pop. He came off the bench and was literally the only offensive option in our 2nd unit. Now imagine him running the pick and pop with Jrue/ Gordon/ or Tyreke and add Reke to the bench mob. I can’t wait to see that in action. Hell those guys are so good at slashing, a drive and kick would be a beauty to see.

    (which was a joke) so calm down!!! Just informing yall have no chance to get PARSONS!!!
    Do y’all really think we would give up a double/double machine?
     Omer Asik 10points,12 rebounds, with above average D skills, l
    CHANDLER PARSONS which averaged 15.5 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assist. Which has a ton of upside!!
    From now till the closer we get to training camp, morey will work his magic, if  Asik  really wants to be traded!!
    I like Anderson, but really? We gave up less for harden J/K
    goodluck N O this offseason

    • TexansRocketsFAN82 I don’t believe you have much of a choice with your double/double machine.  Either go into luxury tax or trade Asik like he’s PUBLICLY asked. (Howard/Harden/Josh Smith are going to cost you)
      Personally, I’d rather see you keep him.  I’ll take Ryan Anderson over Asik.

      • Caffeinedisaster TexansRocketsFAN82 
        Owner Les Alexander was being interviewed saying, he has money, but not enough rings, and is not worried about going into the luxury tax, if it means a chance at a deep run at a championship.. I mean we are trying to get Corey Brewer.. Does not sound like a owner worried about going into the luxury tax, but that’s another story..
        I like Anderson, but checking out some of our summer league players, I just think we are in no rush to trade Asik, and by holding on to him for a  while isn’t going to change what ever stock he has..

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