Voting for Sixth Pick Tournament Round One Coming to a Close

Published: June 8, 2013

Voting for the first round of the Sixth Pick Tournament will wrap up  at midnight tonight, with the winners to be announced tomorrow. Then, it is off to Round Two. If you have missed out on any of the debates, click on the link below, read the arguments and vote.


Round Two will start on Monday with the final eight. After round one, who do you like more? Like less? Want to know more about?


Side note: Reports are saying that the Magic are open to moving down in the draft if someone takes on one of their bad contracts. Apparently, they like 9 guys, so dropping down a few spots wouldn’t kill them. They owe Hedo Turkoglu 1 year and $12 million. Only $6 million is guaranteed, so Pelicans could make the trade, cut Hedo and have some dead money on the books for the 2nd year in a row. They also owe Al Harrington 2 years and 14.8 million. We have the cap space to absorb these contracts. Basically, the team will still have a little over 6 mil left in space if they were to take on these contracts. Could get creative and still drop down to 12 or 14 million to go after a Pekovic or Brandon Jennings if they wanted.

My question to you: Would you be willing to take on one of these contracts to move from #6 to #2?



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For all of the Sixth Round Tournament Matchups, CLICK HERE. 



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