This is the End

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes…again
Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need…of some…stranger’s hand
In a…desperate land

— The Doors, The End


The New Orleans Hornets finished their existence with two losses to the Mavericks, ending the season with a 27-55 record. This is 5th worst in the NBA, giving the team the 5th slot in the draft lottery. The various percentages are as follows, up to rounding:

Seed 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
5 0.088 0.097 0.107 0 0.261 0.360 0.084 0.004
0.292 0 0.261 0.448


In the first of the two losses, this one the last New Orleans Hornets home game, the Hornets lost 107-89. The Hornets led for the better part of a minute thanks to an early Ryan Anderson 3, and by the time Lou Amundson sunk a free throw to push the Hornets to 4, 4 minutes had passed and the Mavs had poured in 11 straight points. Again, the Hornets’ rebounding advantage just could not overcome their shooting woes, even after sinking 6 more shots at the line. Beyond this, their efficiency stymied the Hornets. Each of their players with at least 10 field goal attempts had more points scored (72 of 107) than attempts (53 of 86), or over 1.35 points per shot over 53 attempts and 1.06 points per shot on the other 33. The Hornets most efficient players were Robert, Aminu, and Henry (I checked twice). They accounted for 31 points on 20 shots, exceeding the excelled 1.5 points per shot mark . . . leaving the other 58 points to be scored over 67 shots. Also of note, Henry went 0 of 6 from the field while making 8 of his 10 free throw attempts somehow.

In the second of the two losses, this one 99-87, was similar to the first, just less egregious pretty much across the board. The Hornets had a small lead for a while longer . . . a few minutes . . . even tied it early in the second . . . and the game did not really get out of hand until much later in the game, stabbing their way to within just a couple of shots of tying even in the fourth, until they didn’t score for over four minutes while allowing 12 points, which was the margin of victory each time I’ve check (yup, still is). The efficiency disparity is not as stark, but it’s there. The Hornets even larger margin at the line and on the boards also played a role.


The New Orleans Pelicans have replaced the New Orleans Hornets. It may take until the season starts (or beyond?) before every “i” is dotted, but it’s happened.

Also, the team has reduced prices on even more seats in The Balcony.

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In a three part season-closing podcast series, the guys cover the game like usual and are joined first by Grayson and Trew, then Jake and Andrew, then the ‘asons.

Grayson shared his top 5 Hornets memories, while Mike looks at the first Pelicans offseason.

In case it wasn’t clear before: This site is rebranding as well!

`Voices’ of the People

I’m no Gordon fan, and wished that we could have worked a sign and trade with Phoenix when it was possible, but do you really think we can trade Gordon for someone who has as much talent and ability, and who can win as many games as he can? Don’t we owe it to fans to put the best team on the floor next year talent wise, after having suffered through the last two years. That is my only concern – trading him will reduce the overall quality of the team. Maybe we should stick with him another year, make playoffs, maybe win a round, and then look to move him once we see what the first Pelican team has.


There is a difference between getting pushed further down the bench and leaving the team, and part of the calculation is salary. Are you saying there is no price the team would resign Aminu for? There is no role for him on the team, like back-up SF or even back-up PF in some situations, at that price? Look at his advance stats, especially his rebounding stats, here:|202329;year=201213;season=r

Look at these advanced stats: 1/3 of both all rebounds and all steals when he is on the floor, and he shoots the corner 3 at 38%. He can help this team on the 2nd unit!


RIP hornets247! Thanks for being part of my years, and for allowing me to be part of this Hornets environment, as well as getting to know some people from New Orleans. That’s one hell of an expirience for me, from down here Brazil! Won’t lie I’m heart and soul a Pelican, we’ve dicussed the Hornets vs Pelicans thing on so many occasions it makes no sense to go through that again, but I just can’t let go on this site! while the Hornets aren’t back, I’m 100% a Pelican!

Congrats on your efforts to bring the best of the former-Hornets-now-Pelicans to the fans, no matter where they are or what it takes!

To all of you guys, once again, thanks!

Rafa Brazil

42 Sense

Though the season is over, this franchise has a ton to work out:

  • Complete the Practice Facility
  • Complete the interior renovations at the New Orleans Arena
  • Complete the Rebrand
  • Rebuild the franchise fan base
  • Sell the Naming Rights to the New Orleans Arena
  • Add Sponsors
  • Support the All-Star Game planning
  • Determine who to draft or if they should move the pick
  • Offseason moves given the most cap space they’ve had since returning to New Orleans
  • What to do with Eric Gordon

Just when you thought life was about to get easier . . . We’ll be here all summer with you guys.

This is the beginning.

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