Game On: Hornets @ Jazz

Published: January 30, 2013

Keys to Victory

1. Control the Defensive Boards

The Jazz front line does a fantastic job of getting their guards more shots to miss by crashing the offensive glass on every possession. As of right now, they rebound 3 out of every 10 misses and they average one point per possession off those second chance opportunities, which is 25% more efficient than their standard half court offense. The Lakers killed the Hornets on the boards last night. New Orleans has to turn that around if they want to win this one.

2. Run Randy Foye off the Three-Point Line

Randy Foye shoots 44% from three. From 10-23 feet, he shoots just 36%. Let’s do the quick math here. For every 10 shots he takes behind the line, he scores 13.2 points. For every ten shots he takes from 10-23 feet, he scores 7.2 points. Run him OFF THE LINE!! Side note: Utah’s only other three point threat, Gordon Hayward, is out tonight- so neutralizing Foye likely means completely neutralizing the Jazz from deep.

3. Attack, Attack, Attack

Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap are allergic to blocking shots. Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter foul everything that moves. So regardless of which big or bigs are in, the Hornets should attack the paint on nearly every possesion, rather than settling for the outside shot.

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