Hornets @ Spurs

Published: January 23, 2013

According to the standings, this is a classic Least vs Beast matchup.  Not so fast.

In three matchups this season, San Antonio has outscored the Hornets by 2 points.  Total.  Of all the elite teams in the league, it does seem like the Hornets match up best against this Spurs squad, and given the way the Hornets are playing and with Manu Ginobili injured, this game should swing the Hornets way.  Should.

Update: Per the San Antonio Express News, Manu will return tonight.  However, Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan will sit.

Since this is the fourth game preview for the Spurs, I’m going to move away from an overall description of the Spurs strengths and weaknesses, and instead focus on what they’ve been doing over the last 10 games.

Keys to the Game

  • Crush the offensive glass.  In their losses, the spurs have allowed a 30% offensive rebound rate, and in their wins, they allow an 18.4% rate.  Defensive rebounding is the anchor and primary focus for the Spurs defense, and if the Hornets can make good use of Anthony Davis and Aminu on the offensive glass, cracks will appear.
  • Tight defense is better than open shooters.  The Spurs have won over the last 10 games when they’ve been taking and making a good number of threes.  They lose when they take less threes and more free throws.  So – if they Hornets have to foul a bit to stay on those shooters, do it.
  • Try to keep Lopez out of the pick and roll defense when Parker is the ballhandler.  Parker simply eats his lunch.

Enjoy the game!


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