Just One of Those Nights

In the aftermath of the Hornets’ worst offensive output ever, it’s important to keep things in perspective.

First off, let’s get our anger out of the way. That was an atrocious performance against Philadelphia in front of a national TV audience. What was supposed to be something of a coming out party for the new-look Hornets more resembled last week’s Walking Dead — an epic struggle for those we care about.

Yes, the Hornets set their all-time franchise low for points in a game (62), eclipsing even the game which must not be named. The Hornets shot a pitiful 23/69 from the floor, making only a third of their shots. Jason Smith was the only New Orleanian to shoot over 50%. In fact, the Hornets nearly as many turnovers (20) as made shots (23).

This one stings, especially because it was on national TV.

But, as Monty Williams said in the postgame, “Maybe tomorrow is a better day. It’s gotta be better than today.”

He tried to look on the positive side, adding that “If you told me that we were going to hold them to 77 points tonight, I’m thinking we’re going to win. As bad as we felt we held another team under 80.”

That’s the truth. When you hold the opposition to under 80, it’s rare that you don’t win the game.

Monty went on, “The one thing I like about our group is, even at the end, our guys are still together, still rallying each other… we still have that camaraderie, we still have that glue that holds us together even in a tough time.”

One other thing the Hornets have going for them, and this is becoming more and more clear with each passing day, is a head coach who knows what he’s doing. He isn’t out there trashing his team after a loss, even though they likely deserved it. He isn’t out there being idealistic about what he expects and demands from his team. He’s pragmatic and reasonable, fully acknowledging that as a young team “the averages say you’re going to have a few nights like this. It’s my job to make sure that we bounce back tomorrow.”

Tomorrow is one day closer to getting Austin Rivers back, who Monty said “wanted to play.”

It’s a day closer to the return of Anthony Davis, a future superstar who has looked amazing in limited action, being back on the court. It’s even a day closer to a possible Eric Gordon return.

It’s also another day for both Monty and the team to mature, so that next time they’re in a better position to made adjustments and improvements that will ensure that offensive outputs like this one are few and far between.

“It’s hard to be upset with our guys,” Monty said toward the end of the post game presser, “sometimes you’re disappointed but [with] this group I can always find something positive.

Surely you can, too.

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  1. Just a few questions… and if anyone could shed some light or opinion that would be great :
    1) Why do we keep seeing Mason with the ball in his hands trying to create?
    2) Why have we constantly came out flat in the third quarter?
    3) Do we have the three worst NBA players on this roster? Roberts, Henry, Thomas

    If anyone would like to answer, especially the first one, feel free.

    • 1) because he was close to be out of the league and is desperately trying to hang on.
      2) Youth and inexperience
      3) Um,.. I’m sure Charlotte is up there but your point stands. Henry looked ridiculous tonight (not in the good sense of the word).

    • Henry is ehhhh, but I really like Roberts and Thomas. Those are the types of guys that push evryone to play harder in pracice with their hustle and work ethic. Lance Thomas was on th US Select team this year, a team of the best up and coming young players in the US. And (Except for his mental lapse againt the Spurs) I’ve really liked what I’ve seen out of Roberts so far, albeit most of it was in the Summer League.

      I definantly wouldn’t put these guys in the bottom 3 in the league, and I really think there could be a bright future for both. Lance got more mintues tonight than NBA vet Hakim Warrick, so that tells me something.

      I was at the game tonight, and if there was one thing that realy stood out, it was Thomas’ hustle. He never gave up on a single play. Only player to come close to the effort he puts out is Jason Smith (who happened to toss his towel to me after the game!!).

      They obviously don’t make up for AD and Rivers, but I hope both guys stick around for a while.

      • I have to completely disagree. Lance Thomas is NOT A SMALL FORWARD IN THE IS LEAGUE. He can’t guard the 3 or 4 and is so not athletic that he really has no value in the NBA. Brian Roberts can not run the point and it is clearly obvious. Half his shots were WIDE OPEN and he over shot all of them.

      • Oh and Hakim will be lucky to see anymore minutes once Davis is back. He looked awful and might be the worst defensive player in the NBA.

      • But Lance Thomas is not a SF. He’s a power forward that can gurad SF’s that somethime play the PF spot- Durnat, Aminu, Pierce. (Yes I know he can’t guard Durant, just trying to give an example.) And its only his 2nd year. He’s still learning the game. Everyone on here keeps saying that we have to wait until Rivers’ 3rd year before we can even start to judge him.

        He plays smart and knows where to position himself. Being a freak athlete doesn’t neccissarily make a good basketball player. Guys like Nick Collinson play big roles on championship level teams with similar athletic abilities. Just give the guy some time.

        And I really don’t know too much about Roberts, but he hit some nice shots tonight. Yes he’s looking to score too much, but doesn’t Rivers have the same problem? This is problem that can easily be fixed, when a guy isn’t just trying to keep a roster spot And potential aside has Rivers really been that much better than Roberts so far?

        Just think that about 30 combined minutes is too little a sample size to write a guy off, and definantly too small to put somebody in bottom 3 in the league.

      • Your examples don’t do it for me. Lance Thomas is a tweener and can’t guard any of the players you mentioned. Also in the league they play in today, it is all above the rim. Especially at the forward positions. And Austin Rivers doesn’t have a problem scoring to much. Look at his numbers this season and the assist rate is pretty impressive.

      • You caught Smith’s towel?

        To the LAB! We must use his sweat DNA to clone him and create the GREATEST BENCH OF ALL TIME!

    • I agree out of all the free agents out there I dont know how you end up with Lance Thomas,Henry and Roberts… They boys would have a hard time at the gym I play at!!!

    • 1. Who else? Brian Roberts? Aminu? Henry? Miller? A big? (The answer to all was unfortunately yes). That isn’t something any of these guys should be doing, and Mason isn’t any different. We were bereft of options tonight. Who would you like creating for you on this roster? Vasquez is a nice player in 15-20 minutes and despite his crappy 2nd half I love having him on this team. As a starter, though, his limitations as a creator are undeniable. The team on the court tonight was a very high lottery team, and on teams like that, Roger Mason has to take people off the dribble.

    • Monty held him out. Rivers wanted to play.

      It’s probably best for Rivers. He’s been nicked up for the past few weeks between his ankle/finger.

  2. Also is normal for a player to leave his team, facilities and doctors to go to Los Angeles and rehab by himself? Asking a lot of questions my bad.

      • Ha. No.

        Eric Gordon decided to send the message that he was taking a 3 month vay-kay.

        With his salary, I foresee a long stale-mate between him and the team, highlighted by the inevitable micro-fracture surgery once he doesn’t get what he wants.

        I would have rather seen him walk, obviously, but I am not too worried about the Hornets losses in general. At least 1/3 of the roster is non-NBA caliber, and 3/5’s of our starting five barely deserve minutes period.

        Another top-five pick will be good for the franchise, if the actual quality pieces (Monty, Davis, Dell…might be it…) don’t muck it up and win too much.

        What good expiring contracts are out there at the end of the year for Gordon?

      • I want ti clarify one thing about my earlier comment.

        I like what the Hornets are building very much. I like a lot of the pieces. I just think another high lottery pick or two in the next two years will be better all around for the franchise than battling for an eighth seed this year.

        I’d rather see Gordon get traded to the Pacers for Granger’s expiring. Send both of those boys home.

        No, I haven’t done the math on that trade…

  3. That was very pitiful by the Hornets, but we’re going to have nights like that I still believe that this team can do something but like I said last year Monty Williams focus too much on defense and not enough on “OFFENSE!”

  4. Let’s see, something positive…The Vasquez alley-oop to Aminu was nice. Yep, that’s about it. Nobody looked really good tonight; Vasquez looked good early, Anderson made a few bail out shots (but missed the rest of his open looks) and team defense was pretty good but all good things stopped at halftime.

  5. When the players that are counted on to score and open up everything for others are not playing, this is how things will look offensively. This team is getting better on defense every game it was just one of those nights where really no one could make a shot, learn and move on.

  6. Hard to score when you only have one guard that is quasi-capable of initiating an NBA offense playing on the night. Needed Rivers in a bad way tonight

  7. nationally televised game for the hornets and this is what the team show…….62 points…..25 the entire 2nd half……even a D-league team will defeat us tonight

  8. That disaster second half of play, that disaster Roberts, Henry and Mason …. Mason is not an NBA player, which will play into the league of the Philippines …. That crap … I’m not exonerating Greivis Vasquez, had a bad night, Holiday ran over, by my computation, played for a coefficient of 96, a coefficient Vasquez 58, but Mason a ridiculous 7 ….. can not be, for there was the game, with responsibility for Anderson, he has the responsibility of being the shooter of the team, failure, Smith with four turnovers in the second half, simply reflects the helplessness and despair to see the disaster of the team, is not there to lead the attack …. Pity the loss of the 16 Amino rebounds ….. I worry about the lack of spare parts, replacements that give rest to GV, and has 4 games playing almost every minute, you look like a blown motor, no spares, GV does not reach half of season without a tear or other serious injury … hiso much needed Rivers, will be for his defensive contribution, a key player in the system … a future Monty GV will remain PG holder, escorted by Gordon as SG, Rivers will be the replacement, the replacement, which will give break both …. At least this first year will be well ….. ultimately …. Friends …. Awaken … welcome to reality ..

  9. Warrick’s roster spot should go to guard. How about Squeaky?

    I want to see Anderson and Smith and Lopez on the floor together. All three are better passers than Mason, Aminu, and maybe Miller….. As long as they aren’t dribbling the ball up the court, that is….

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