Eric Gordon Unable to Give Clarity on Knee Injury

Published: November 1, 2012

Hornets guard Eric Gordon seemed to contradict himself in regard to his now indefinite knee injury, stating initially that there is nothing structurally wrong,  but later saying that there likely is. Perhaps the biggest one line bombshell is that he doesn’t know “at all” if or when he’ll be back this season. He went out of his way to repeatedly state how frustrating this is for him, and how dedicated he is to this team and this city.


Gordon, dressed in workout gear and riding the pine when reporters arrived on scene, opened his availability at Hornets practice with a brief statement–

“It’s an honor and privilege just to be part of this organization as a player, I know things haven’t been going as well as far as my status of being injured as far as I’ve been here. I have had recurring injuries, a knee injury, since I’ve been here and it’s just tough as a player to go through these things…”

“As a player I look forward to helping this franchise and I always look out for the best to help this team win. It has been frustrating, very frustrating, as a player not to do your job every day. I only played 9 games last year and I haven’t played a game this year. I haven’t played a preseason game. It’s just frustrating to watch the guys play and me not being a part of it. So that’s what I wanted to start out with. I know from a fans perspective this is frustrating for them, but as a player it’s most frustrating for me and this organization. So I just wanted to put it out there cuz I know it’s tough, but it’s almost all on me and this is an injury that I’m battling with. It’s just a tough time right now for me. and I’m just going through it. This is a great city and a great organization and I definitely want to be a part of it, but being a part of it for me is made playing and  what’s preventing me form playing is having this injury.”

He said later that he didn’t have any structural damage, but that he might have some structural damage, a rather clear contradiction to those of us in the room. He’s had MRI’s recently that revealed that he’s ok, but he also said that he’s in a lot of pain. He also said that despite the fact that he’s not waiting for the results of any new MRI’s nor dose he plan to have any, he’s hoping to know a lot about the injury after this weekend.

As for whether or not he suffered a setback between Olympic trials and training camp, he said “sorta”.

He added that he doesn’t know “at all” if or when he’ll be back this season.

Just what Hornets fans wanted to hear…

On a personal note, it’s clear this is tough for him, so perhaps we should try to be a bit more understanding about an injury that none of us have the training and access to properly diagnose.




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