Buzz Patrol Auditions Filled With Fun, Flips

Andrew and I attended the Hornets Buzz Patrol auditions for the second year in a row, and yet again the trials were just about as fun as watching a late season 2011-2012 Hornets game. The fact that neither Andrew nor myself were forced  able to watch the second half of the Saints game was simply a bonus.

Note: I’m told that the Bee-Zanies will be back in action next season, so keep your ears open for info on the tryouts and to get some advice from the veterans on how to maximize your chances to make the squad.

Witnessing roughly 50 super fans, most of whom appeared to have taken multiple five-hour energy drinks prior to coming, perform ridiculous break dances, flips, worm-like dances, and play games likely designed for children, was truly a pleasure. Just like last year we were the only media there, and just like last year we had more than a few laughs.

The afternoon started off with a soul train, where all the contestants lined up into two lines facing each other. Then two at a time, they came down and strutted their stuff. A few of the flips were pretty awesome. I’m fairly sure I saw one of the dudes in London doing the floor routine not too long ago. Another notable moment was when a flip went a bit off target, nearly resulting in a kick to the face. What? It’s impossible not to watch when you see a potential car wreck in the making.

Next the potential Buzz Patrollers were split up into teams of five. After spreading out they were asked to create letters with their bodies on the floor. Here are some letters for you: F-A-I-L.

I kid. After a brief rocky start the teams started getting it, and eventually it was just seconds from when they were told to create a letter until the time in which that people-letter was facing the proper direction in the appropriate font (Comic-Sans, of course). I think my biggest laugh of this event came when a certain female veteran of the squad was left teaming up with a male wannabe to form a single line of a “W”. She remarked to the gentlemen (quite literally) behind her that this was super awkward and not a sign of things to come. I laughed out loud.

Round three was the running of the flags. It’s amazing how much better the final product looks than the initial trial runs. N’s blended together with E’s, the runners moved at different speeds, and in the end most people realized that running with a flag in their hand at a constant speed isn’t as easy as they would have imagined.

Then it was time to see what the contestants had mentally. They again split up into groups and this time were tasked with coming up with a skit involving a different Hornets sponsor. Oschner, Harrah’s, Louisiana Seafood, Geico, and Crystal Hot Sauce all got some love. Dizzy bat. Missed shots. Enough said.

Anyway, as you can see you’re not the only one that’s amped up for the upcoming Hornets season. The Buzz Patrol is back, and before too long so will regular season basketball. If you missed out on these tryouts but really want to be part of the Hornets team, don’t worry! The French Quarter Fliers will be holding auditions next Saturday, and I can officially report that the Bee Zanies will return to action next year. We’ll inform you about the tryout date as soon as we know.

Great job to all the participants! We look forward to seeing you show your stuff during games.

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  1. Glad to hear the Bee-Zanies are definitely back next year. I got to sit in front of them once last year and kind of be a Bee-Zanie for a day and it’s really fun; and they seem cool about letting non-Zanies get in on the fun.

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