Video: Dell Demps Speaks About Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers

Published: July 15, 2012

Dell Demps spoke for a few minutes about Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers today at Summer League.

Yesterday Austin Rivers told me that he hadn’t yet spoken with Eric Gordon, but plans to soon. Turns out Dell really hasn’t had much of a conversation with him either.

After thinking about it for a second, he said he doesn’t have any doubt that Gordon will be 100% on board with the team. He said he obviously thinks that Gordon and Rivers can play together. Demps also seemed to agre with what we’ve been saying–traditionally defined positions are kind of worthless to talk about.

For everything else he said, watch the damn video!

Oh, and obviously there are tons of things I’d like to ask Dell, but he wasn’t available for enough time to get into anything. He went right from the media session to a packed elevator (with me) and then to scout either Charlotte-Cleveland or San Antonio-Atlanta. One day we’ll actually get some extended exclusive availability, I promise. As for when, I make no promises.



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