Jarrett Jack Traded to Warriors in 3-Team Deal

Published: July 11, 2012

In Dealer Dell’s most recent transaction, starting point guard and team leader Jarrett Jack has been traded to the Golden State Warriors, receiving the rights to Bosnian forward Edin Bavcic from the Philadelphia 76ers in return.

To complete the three-team trade, SF Dorell Wright goes from the Warriors to the Philadelphia 76ers along with Hornets’ C Darryl Watkins.

On its surface, this trade appears to have been made for two reasons. The primary purpose is to clear cap room, likely to give the Hornets room to sign a competent center who can adequately defend the low post and take some pressure off of Anthony Davis as he becomes familiar with the NBA game. The Hornets do not want a 19 year old Davis banging bodies with the likes of Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum, so finding someone who can is bound to be a priority.

A secondary reason for the deal could be to open up more minutes at point guard, presumably for the latter of the Hornets’ two first-round draft picks, Austin Rivers. WWL-TV Sports reported earlier today that Rivers was working primarily at the PG position during the team’s mini-camp, which suddenly makes even more sense.

It is at least a little odd that the Hornets only managed to land the rights to a 28 year old foreign player (who may never even come to the NBA) in return for a 28 year old point guard coming off of his best NBA season and in the final year of his contract. There are a few teams out there who have major holes at PG, and while the Hornets likely were not looking to add more salary, I would have expected Jack to be worth at least a future draft pick to someone.

Jarrett Jack has shown nothing but class from the moment he came to the Hornets from Toronto, and finished off his tenure here in New Orleans in the same manner. Hornets fans will really miss you, Jarrett, and all wish you the best of luck for the rest of your NBA career.


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