The Eric Gordon Saga: Something Still Smells Fishy

Published: July 10, 2012

As we look deep into this ongoing drama, it is clear to see that something just doesn’t add up

It has been four days since caught up with Eric Gordon and got his perspective on how he has been treated by the Hornets organization. In the interview, he made it a point to showcase the fact that the Hornets have made no effort to give him an idea of their long term plan, including but not limited to, whether or not he was a part of it. He claims that they talked to his agent, but not to him and he has no idea whether or not the Hornets will match the offer, nor does he know why the Hornets drafted Austin Rivers as opposed to going after a big man.

Something about this just doesn’t add up in my opinion. Dell Demps has yet to go on record to answer Gordon’s allegations, but what we do have are a series of statements by credible sources that show that what Gordon alleges is not Dell’s typical M.O. Both Chris Paul and David West have said that they were included by Dell Demps with regard to the moves that the Hornets made in their final year in New Orleans. Anthony Davis stated after he was drafted that he had long conversations with both Dell and Monty about how this roster will be built and he was excited about the plan. And even Ryan Anderson’s agent has come out and said that Anderson had long conversations with Dell and Monty about the future of this team.

Both Dell and Monty have gone on record and said that Gordon is the team’s best player and they will bring him back. There is plenty of evidence that Dell and Monty go out of their way to inform their great players about the plan for the franchise and include them in the process. Yet, they both call Gordon a great player and according to him, he has not been included in the process at all.

I don’t buy it.

Somebody here is lying, or as Roger Clemens might say, they are “misremembering.” It just doesn’t add up, which leads me to believe that one of the following two things is true:

1. Dell and Monty said everything they said about Gordon being a great player and their willingness to match so that they could get the most value possible for him in a sign and trade.

2. Eric Gordon is twisting the truth with the sole intention of getting to a city where he can be the face of a franchise

I can be convinced of either scenario, honestly. I am biased to #1 because I have long said that I would do anything to avoid giving Eric Gordon the max. His injury history is a red flag that I can not personally overlook and a small market team can not afford to have a player who eats up 25% of their cap space sitting on the bench for 25-30 games per season. If Dell and Monty agree with me, then they have done a masterful job executing their vision. They can actually sign and trade Gordon now without upsetting the fan base, in large part due to Gordon’s immature comments.

I can also buy #2, because a precedent has been set that appears eerily similar. Joe Johnson could have been a part of a potential dynasty with Phoenix, but instead, he wanted to be the face of a franchise in Atlanta and he talked his way out of town by saying similar things. Don’t think that players and agents don’t remember what works. If Gordon wanted out, these series of ‘untruths’ would have been the perfect way to get what he wants.

Either way, we are being sold a lie by somebody and we will likely know who it is tonight at 11:01 CST. If the Hornets pull off a sign and trade, we will likely know that this was Dell’s master plan all along. If Gordon signs the offer sheet, effectively killing any possibility of a sign and trade with Phoenix, we will know that the Hornets have always intended to bring Gordon back and EJ’s tactics failed miserably.

Personally, I am waiting on pins and needles. I love the slow exposure of a “mis-rememberer.”


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