Hornets Anthony Davis Reveals This Was His First Time Being Cut

Published: July 9, 2012

We spoke with Anthony Davis about being cut, his ankle, and more, at Team USA practice out in Las Vegas. 

Here are some highlights from the interview–

  • He’s still rehabbing and hopes to play either Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Davis said his ankle is now about 80-85%, which is better than three days ago when the ankle was 65-70%.
  • After giving it some thought, he said that this was the first time he’d been cut from a basketball team. There are worse teams to be cut from, I guess. He agreed it was an unusual feeling.
  • He said he’s impressed with “all the guys” on the Select Team, mentioning DeMarcus Cousins, Kyrie Irving, John Wall, DeMar DeRozen, and Lance Thomas.
  • Said Lance is playing great defense and making open shots. “He’s just out there going hard, being physical, and doing what he did best”
  • He’s frustrated not being able to play, and said the last time he played a game was the championship. It’s the longest he’s gone without being on the court in competition.
  • “It’s been great” playing against the best players in the world.
  • First impression on Coach K– “Great coach, down to businesses”
  • He said nothing has surprised him so far about his experience there.
  • Monty apparently didn’t tell him anything specific to work on, and just to go out there, learn, enjoy the experience.
  • Las Vegas is “too hot outside”.
  • Anything besides basketball he’s been doing? “Eating”

Honestly he isn’t the most interesting interviewee. He seems to enjoy keeping secrets, and admits that he has a few– one being his training¬†regimen.


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