Rockets Putting Together Package for Eric Gordon

Published: June 30, 2012

Full of young assets, the Rockets switch their focus to Eric Gordon

[Update] Eric Gordon is meeting with Houston today, which is exactly what I was told will happen when given this infor last night. Houston, and every other team that is interested, are fully aware Hornets will match any offer but are still hopeful that a sign and trade can be worked out. Hornets have not told the Rockets (not sure what they have told the other teams) that a sign and trade is a firm No. Keeping all options open.

The Houston Rockets have a ton of young assets and some old veterans who are not fascinated about the idea of playing for coach Kevin McHale for another year. I have been told by an extremely reliable source that they are getting packages together to go after some premier names, one of which is Eric Gordon. The Rockets believe that if they attempt to sign Gordon, that the Hornets will simply match, so they are attempting to do a sign and trade instead.

The sign and trade offer will center around Kevin Martin and the Rockets will allow the Hornets to choose either two or three of their young prospects- Jeremy Lamb, Royce White, Patrick Patterson, Terrance Jones, and Donatas Montiejuns. It is no secret that the Hornets targeted Kevin Martin last summer in the original CP3 trade, and Dell Demps has been fond of Montiejunas for some time now. Again, this will be the Rockets starting point- who knows where Dell can take it.

All that being said, if not for Eric Gordon’s injury issues this would be a non-story because the Hornets would never move a 23 year-old budding All-Star caliber player for a package like this, but the injury concerns are legitimate. While Dell and Monty continue to say that they want Gordon back, all options have to be considered, especially now that it appears that Gordon is going to get at least one max offer in the next two weeks. If the Hornets were 100% sold on Gordon and willing to give him a max deal, they would have done so last January. Instead, they offered him 8-10 million dollars below the max figure, partly because they did not think the market would dictate they pay him those kinds of dollars considering he played just 9 games last year.

So here the Hornets are forced to make a decision between paying Gordon max money or taking less than equal value for him. There are pros and cons to each side, and that is why Dell gets paid to do this for a living. Will he roll the dice and pony up the cash for a guy who has been in a suit more than in a uniform over the past two years, or will he acquire more assets and look to spend his money on someone else down the line? We’ll know the answer sometime in the next two weeks.


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