Tenth Pick Tournament Round One: The Results are In!

You let your voice be heard, and now the votes have been tallied. Let’s see who has moved on to the Elite Eight

That is right, the first round is in the books and some of these literally came down to the wire. Lamb and Ross were in a dead heat until the final four minutes and the winner only received four more votes than the loser of that battle. Without further adieu, your results.

Austin Rivers (64%) owns Dion Waiters  (36%)

Perry Jones (54%) squeaks by Terrence Jones (46%)

Damian Lillard (63%) slaps down Trading for a Vet (37%)

Jared Sullinger (68%) crushes Arnett Moultrie (32%)

Kendall Marshall (53%) upends Trading Up (47%)

John Henson (53%) takes down Royce White (47%)

Tyler Zeller (56%) towers over Meyers Leonard (44%)

Terrence Ross (51%) slithers past Jeremy Lamb (49%)

Round Two Schedule:


Damian Lillard vs. Kendall Marshall

The matchup everybody wanted will take place in round two as the two best point guards in this class go head to head.


Perry Jones III vs. John Henson

Two guys whose teams narrowly missed out on a trip to New Orleans battle it out for our Final Four.


Austin Rivers vs. Terrence Ross

An interesting match-up that features two guards who score in very different ways.


Jared Sullinger vs. Tyler Zeller

Productive and safe meets productive and safe. What matters more- length or girth?

Back From the Dead

We are giving you the power to bring one player back from the dead. He (or it- if it is a trade) will appear at some point in the future when you least expect it and will have a shot to win this whole thing! Vote wisely.

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22 responses to “Tenth Pick Tournament Round One: The Results are In!”

  1. Ross over Lamb was going to be a close one. I knew that. But I’m a little surprised at how easily Zeller beat Leonard. Rivers over Waiters was also a bit more one-sided than I thought, but I still assumed Rivers would win it. All the other rounds basically went the way I expected them to go. Now to the Elite Eight!

  2. It would be interesting to see royce white vs. terrance jones. They both have obvious nba talent but I think they would need the right system to be productive at the next level.

  3. Reading about Leonard a bit more today following his performance yesterday, I wish I could have changed my vote for him. Royce White was getting rave reviews as well, but that free throw shooting is abysmal, especially for his “position” so my vote probably wouldn’t have changed there. I like Austin Rivers, but Dion Waiters is better, so I’m shocked at the big win for Rivers… people love a good basketball name/family. Only a little surprised about Lamb losing out.
    Now I think Lillard, Henson, Rivers and Sullinger go through, but Henson and Sullinger will have a fight on their hands, and Marshall is one of my favorites in this draft… so we’ll see.

  4. What about Ariza + #10 + future first rounder to move up to 7? We get to dump Ariza and move up 3 spots to get the best player available. Would GSW consider this?

    • We give up two 1st Rounders to move up 3 spots and dump Ariza’s $7.5M for two years? Why would we do that? (The guy the Hornets want at 7 might be available at 10, and you are assuming the Hornets don’t want to trade the #10 pick.)

      Do you really think Ariza is overpaid by that much? I am not sure he is overpaid at all, but if he is it’s by $1-2M/year. So why pay so much to dump him and move up 3 spots?

      In addition to exchanging picks, you are giving up another draft pick who would be on a cheap 1st round deals for years to dump Ariza. Why not keep both picks? Then as you ride out Ariza’s contract you have more cheap labor to take his place.

    • Ariza is far from a dump. Golden State would win that trade big time. The difference between 7 and 10 isn’t that much of a difference. Trevor Ariza would help the Warriors to the playoffs. He needs to play with a scoring shooting guard so that he can focus on defense. His best days were in Los Angeles with Kobe Bryant. Golden State has two good scorners in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. If Ariza is put into the right situation, he can be great. If Eric Gordon is healthy this year and Ariza is on the team, Ariza will be a lot better.

      • Trade would more likely be:

        Ariza and #10 for Richard Jefferson, #7 and either #30 or #35.

        Including the difference between draft pics salaries and Jefferson vs. Ariza, Hornets would be committing themselves to about 5 million in extra salary for 2013-14.

        Barnes will 100% be gone by 7, no doubt in my mind. Guys who could fall and be worth the leap up: Thomas Robinson and Drummond. Still haven’t really thought about how Thomas Robinson would fit with Davis, but the more I talk to people, the more possible it seems. As crazy as it seems, Sacto likes Henson more than Robinson at 5. It could go:

        1. Davis
        2. MKG
        3. Beal
        4. Barnes
        5. Henson
        6. Lillard

        At 7, you have Robinson and Drummond sitting there. Do you trade up, and which one do you take?

    • The best trade with Golden State would be Ariza and #10 for #7 and Nate Robinson. Kryptonate is a free agent, though. Then it wouldn’t be worth it. I wouldn’t want Jefferson. It could be worth it if one of the big six falls in the draft.

      • Michael,

        Hope you are wrong about Lillard at 6. If so, we have a good shot at taking him at 10.

        If you are right, at 7 I like Robinson over Drummond but I don’t trade up for either. Also, I expect someone who wants one of them badly trades to 7 and offers more than us.

        If you are right about Lillard going before 10, I probably trade 10 to Houston for Lowry (and 16, if I throw in Jack?). Or trade Jack, money, or some combination of Jack and money to get back in the 1st round and draft a C like Zeller. If i can’t get Zeller, it may be a big drop-off, offensively, to the next most talented Cs, which would suck.

  5. Glad about how everything everybody I liked went to the next round. But. In the end Iwould want either Sullinger or Marshall. Its to bad we can’t get both during the draft,but in the end I would jus love to get rid the Oak tree. We could’ve gave that much money to a superstar. Or split between role players & a 6th Man type.Or we should Okafor for a draft pick.main players we can trade R Okafor, J.Jack, Maybe Ariza and J.Smith.but the bottom line is we need overall better players.

  6. Interesting to note that pretty much every winner that came down to production vs potential was won by production (Sullinger, Henson, Zeller most notably.)

    The notable exceptions being PJIII and Trade for vet. However, as a lot of people see TJ as being draft for potential almost as much as PJIII i suppose its moot.
    Trade for Vet is also strongly mitigated by the assumption you’d then be paying 6-7 mil a season over 2 years min compared to the 8 mil over 4 yrs alotted to a 10th pick. My point being that their are strongly mitigating circumstances in both cases potential was chosen over production.

    Anywho, I think that’s very interesting to note. Personally I went for potential in pretty much every case as I think the gamble has more of a chance to pay off a) because we don’t need solid production from our second pick for a couple years (think Westbrook/Harden) and b) we already have as close to a sure thing as possible in Davis (Durant)

    I hate to drop OKC names here as a comparison but seeing as them and the Spurs are really the only teams in recent memory who have done this I kind of have to.
    Incidentally, Spurs almost identical. The key difference being that their potential over production guys came much later in the draft and were therefore more reasonable picks. Also, they should never have been bad enough to get Duncan in the first place.

    I think of us as a hybrid Spurs/OKC as we would have picked around 10th if we’d had a fit lineup for the full season and we got lucky getting Davis.

    Looks like Ryan’s ‘Take the numbers’ articles/comments are winning out!

    • Just to be clear, the Sacto people are on board with Henson over T-Rob because they want to play Cousins at C permanently and if they go T-Rob, they will have an undersized PF and an undersized C. We all know how much that sucks, and the thing is, they won’t have CP3 to make up for it.

      It actually reminds me of when Atlanta fell in love with Shelden Williams a couple of years ago and took him at #5, even though he was projected to go late lottery.

      Ryan is right on this one- A guy who is said to be a lock top 5 always falls and if I had to bet on who it will be this year, I think it will be Robinson. If Charlotte passes on him, I say 50/50 that he is there at 7 and even a 25% chance he is there at 10. Sounds nuts but remember the draft day falls of Gerald Green, Danny Granger, and Kawhi Leonard. If you would have predicted that they would have gone mid-teens two weeks before the draft, you would have been told you were an idiot.

      We’ll see.

      • I hinted at this last week when the Henson to Sac rumblings started…. although i goofed and said Rockets instead of Raptors at #8.


        More and more things are starting to shake out. If it goes: 1. AD, 2. MKG, 3. Beal, 4. Barnes, 5. John Henson, 6. Drummond, 7. Terrance Jones and Toronto is in love with Dion Waiters, they could EASILY drop back to #10 with no fear that Detroit is going to take him at #9. (Stuckey and Ben Gordon at SG) Whatever they get for trading down would be icing on icing.

        We wouldn’t be the only team wanting to move up to take T-Rob, even the Pistons could look to move up 1 spot and nab him. If we move up to #8 for T-Rob, and Henson is gone, I’d expect Detroit to go Meyers Leonard over Sully at 9.

        We should really start tossing around ideas of trades that could land #8.. Jack, Ariza, #10 for Calderon, #8 didn’t seem to win many people over 😉 Can we outbid Detroit to move up? Who else could be in play at #8? We know the Raptors are looking for a SF, i’m hoping that Gay and Iguodala can’t be had, and Ariza starts to smell nice to them.

  7. Anybody think that we may be involved in a trade to earn another pick in this draft? This would possibly send Jack or Ariza to another team for their picks but we may add another piece to the young core of the future! I would especially be interested in Portland’s and Houston’s picks!

    Remember, Portland(6-11), Cleveland(4-24), Houston(14-16) and Boston(21-22) have multiple picks in the first round.

    Portland might be interested in Jack. Houston and Boston might be interested in Okafor.

    Spurs traded Hill to Pacers for their picks and got Kawhi Leonard!

    • Yes, and I think it is Jack who goes if we draft a PG. He only has one year left and a reasonable $5M salary. So he comes off their books after 2012-13. He could be a Derrick Fisher off the bench somewhere.

      That’s why I keep look at Cs prospects who could go in the 2nd half of the 1st round.

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