In the NO Podcast Episode 70: The 10th Pick Tourney Continues

Michael and I are joined by Mike Schmitz of and ESPN Truehoop’s Valley of the Suns to talk about the prospects the Hornets could be picking at number 10.  if you haven’t seen his work – go check it out.

Then, afterwards, we discuss Michael’s suggestion of CP3 returning – who to try and cherry pick from the Thunder, and then Michael starts a new game, “What scares you most!?”  It may be as lame as you think it is.

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25 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 70: The 10th Pick Tourney Continues”

  1. The more I hear about Marshall, the more I feel like he isn’t a good fit for New Orleans.

    For Gordon to excel (and I am in the minority on this), I think he needs to be the 3rd option on the floor.

    I think two guys able to run an effective pick and roll (i.e. Lillard and Gordon) with Ayon and Davis (or Smith) would work really well for New Orleans.

    I’m with Ryan on Rivers.

    Terrible shooting numbers for a shooter and swagger does not win basketball games (efficient scoring does though *Lillard*).

    (“yeah he’s not very efficient and he needs the ball in his hands to be effective” high usage guy sounds like a recipe for a losing side)

    People will like him though. Whoever he is with will probably let him shoot all day and score a lot of inefficient points.

    I like Sullinger but Lillard is probably the bigger need …

  2. Have to disagree about Harden. I think he is an incredible player with an unbelievable feel for the offensive end, but I don’t ever remember being blown away by his defense. Gordon is both a great offensive player and defensive player. Harden also shot 49% from the field and 61% from three for 19 ppg against OKC.. So hard for me to say he struggled. He actually performed much worse against LA, when he had to keep up with Kobe. He’s very crafty on offense and has a great shot, but isn’t incredibly quick, which hurts him on defense. Undeniably great offensive player, but I think his defensive shortcomings keep him from being the #1 shooting guard in the league. Not trying to be a homer, but I just think Gordon has more potential if he stays healthy

    • I think Harden’s numbers (per 36) across the board, are better than or equal to Gordon’s … Gordon could be good but I think he has to rebound better, take better/fewer shots (I think being the second or, better, third scorer would help) and stay healthy in order to be better than average …

    • James Harden is ahead of where Gordon is offensively, though you should consider that Gordon, despite having a year more of experience, has played fewer games than James Harden. Gordon will probably never be the passer Harden is, but he did average 4.4 assists his last year in LA, which is a perfectly acceptable. Gordon scores more points per minute, but I believe they are fairly equal in terms of scoring ability.

      Gordon is, to put it nicely, a bad rebounder. Harden does this well. But Gordon is a great defender and Harden is an adequate one.

      You have to say Harden is the better player right now, simply because he is so efficient (and clutch) on offense that you ignore his shortcomings on defense. But I think Gordon has more potential as a complete player. There aren’t many players that can average 23-24 points a game and also be a lockdown defender, and I think Gordon can certainly score that much given the opportunity.

  3. Draft:
    1) Anthony Davis
    2) Trade Al-Farouq Aminu and the 10th Pick for 7th Pick: Draft: Harrison Barnes
    3) Trade Emeka Okafor for Marcus Camby and the 14th or 16th Pick: Draft: Kendall Marshall

    Sign JaVale Lindy McGee


    • Camby is a UFA this offseason, so no dice on trade. Besides, why would Houston give up something to take on Okafor?

  4. At this stage my draft big board looks like this:
    1. Lillard
    2. Sullinger
    3. Lamb
    4. Waiters
    5. Ross

    I also think the Hornets should look at Kostas Papanikolaou if he goes undrafted could be a good pickup at small forward for us.

    • I have swung from the Marshall camp to the Lillard camp. So we agree on #1 and #2 on our draft board. And I agree Rivers isn’t an option.

      Where we disagree is I have drafting Lillard tied with trading the 10th pick for a veteran PG, preferably Lowry. To me, a quality starting PG is our biggest need.

      Also, I am interested in bottom half of the 1st Round Cs, as I think this is special year where you can get a high quality C in the bottom half of the 1st Round, and we need a high quality, back-up, young C. How you get into the bottom half of the 1st Round is the question. The options I see are trading Jack (cause we obtain a better PG), hopefully he has that value, or buying a pick. (We sold a mid-1st Round pick two years ago for $500K-$750K I believe.)

      If we can do those two things, then we look to resign Gordon, and find or develop a back-up SF this off season. Then we are in good shape for now and the future. And, depending on how Lillard/Lowry turn out, we could be a playoff team in 2012-13. That would be so cool.

      The Okafor amnesty decision has to wait until the last possible moment after Okafor plays a good bit. No one will pay much for damaged goods and, if teams won’t bid much for Okafor, the Hornets save very little money. The Hornets don’t need cap relief in 2012-13. So, if they will have to eat a huge part of his salary either way, I believe they will hold onto Okafor in case he comes back and plays at a high level. And I am fine with that. Okafor can always be amnestied in 2013-14.

      Link for Hornets’ salaries. Note, only the numbers in black are in the totals for each year:

      • As much as I despise Okafor I really think he may step his game up playing on the side of Anthony Davis….I feel like it will take pressure off of him….verses playing along side Landry. We are adding big D with Davis and if we can add Leonard I might just might poop myself

      • Where does Jason Smith fit into your plans? He’s a legitimate backup PF/C. He’s a 7-footer who’s clearly put in the work to improve his game and we have him under contract for 2 more years. I envision him and Ayon being the frontcourt anchors for a solid bench unit, so I’m interested to hear your take on things.

      • I think that ideally J-Smitty could be our Nick Collison. Collison completely changed the game last night, and if Smith can be more aggressive crashing the boards on offense, he can be an invaluable role player that can get extended minutes depending on the matchup.

  5. What scares you moooore! 🙂
    I was just wondering what Dracula is doing there as soon as I started listening to the podcast. 🙂

  6. AD has small hands? Well, that’s good. He is probably going to be a terrific FT shooter for his size. 🙂

  7. Think about this….. With the addition of Anthony Davis, keep Okafor (which I think he will play harder with the defensive prowess of A.D beside him), may also make Ariza play better and then add a Lillard for a one to punch with Gordon and roll em with Landry, with Vasquez, Belinelli and Ayon and Smith coming of the bench. I really wanna go BIG in the draft and get Meyers Leonard or Tyler Zeller but im not to keen on them against the current bigs in the west. Lets get something for Chris Kaman….maybe a 2nd round pick?

  8. Does Monty Williams’ relationship with Austin Rivers and his family increase the likelihood of selecting him? After listening to the podcast im thinking Lillard will become a star but just not in a Hornets uniform and that more than likely Rivers will be in Creole Blue. Something about him screams that he will be successful and possibly a go to guy, his game feels more NBA like as compared to college. I think he will be amazing in the pick and roll game and be a guy who lives at the line in 2 years. The ultimate 6th man that you give the green light to for certain stretches of a game for the first few years until his game matures. The idea that both he and Davis are 19 means they will peak at the same exact time which is an awesome thought.

      • And to be 100% that isn’t a bad career path at all. A designated sniper/scorer who is counted on every night to make buckets and be explosive. The one difference is Lillard is a more explosive athlete who may be given 30 mins a night to showcase his skill level.

    • My problem with Rivers is he will always be a 6’5″ tweener guard with OK lateral quickness who had a horrendous 0.9 assist/turnover ratio in college. Plus he was more of a driver than a shooter. Lillard is very athletic and a great shooter. Even though Lillard is 1.75″ shorter than Rivers he makes up for it with a better vertical jump and the same reach as Rivers. Plus Lillard has very good lateral quickness and had a 1.75 assist/turnover ratio.

      Rivers attitude and NBA background doesn’t improve any of his physical attributes/deficiencies.

  9. It was Deandre Jordan not Speights.
    I agree with Ryan that you beat other teams with what you’re good at, you don’t prepare for one team. Cavs got Shaq to compete against Orlando and were knocked off by Boston, the Suns did the same thing for the Spurs/Lakers. OKC did that with Perkins for Lakers and got rid of the one guy who would have helped them a ton in the last and this upcoming series. Just watch Perk’s contract will hurt OKC enough to where Harden of Ibaka are gone in 2 years.
    After listening to Rivers during the workout he sounds like a sharp kid. If we draft him though then I think we need another big talented at the pick and roll.

    • I should have given people a clue. It actually is not from a horror film. It is from the legendary Princess Bride- the torture scene. Listen again.

      What Scares You More?!!

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