Anthony Davis: For All My Gamers Out There

Published: June 5, 2012

If you are like me and can’t wait until October to see Anthony Davis playing for the Hornets in a meaningful game, then there is only one cure to what ails you: NBA2K12. I have created the 2012 draft class and if you follow the instructions below, you can be playing with AD and whomever you want to take at #10 in less than 15 minutes. (Sorry XBox 360 only)

1. Start a new Association. In the settings, make sure you put Trade Override ON. You will need this later.

2. Pick the Hornets as your team (duh!)

3. After you set your player roles, select “Download Draft Class from 2K Share”

4. Press Y and search “By File Name”. File Name is Hornets247

5. Simulate the season.

6. Do your offseason tasks, then stop after the draft lottery. Take notice of who has the 1st and 10th picks. Go to General Manager- then trades. Trade the Horents 1st rounder for the #1 overall pick. Trade the Hornets 2nd rounder for the 10th pick overall. The other teams will reject this, but that’s why you put on Trade Override!

7. Draft AD #1 and whomever you like #10. I have done this a few times and Beal, Barnes, MKG, and Robinson all go 2-5 in some order. Also, Rivers and Sullinger are usually off the board as well. Personally, I took Marshall for my team.

8. Have a blast in free agency (EG10 usually gets a max offer you have to match and Asik comes pretty cheap. Kaman wants 4 years/32)

9. Dominate the 2012-2013 season!

Editor’s Note: No, the picture above is not MY draft class. I actually have Davis as an 86 coming right in off the bat. MKG is an 81 and there are a bunch of guys in the 74-78 range after that.


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