Tenth Pick Tournament: Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Published: June 3, 2012

What should the Hornets do with the tenth pick? Well this is a democracy, isn’t it? Let’s put it to a vote!

Over the next three weeks we will debate the individual matchups and have YOU determine the winner. All voting will be done on our Facebook page, mainly because the fellas are worried I will tamper with the votes, rigging the vote the way Stern rigged the lottery. Wait, did I just let that slip?

Looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out, the finals will be held on June 26th- right before the draft. And who knows, maybe Dell and Monty will listen.

Ah, probably not, but this should be fun anyway. Enjoy!



– Toughest Omissions were: trade down, Barnes, and Drummond. Trade down just isn’t any fun, and I don’t see realistic scenarios in which Barnes or Drummond fall. If you like those guys, vote like crazy for Trade Up.

– Trade Up is not going against Trade for Vet because the same writer is making both of those arguments. Just looks ridiculous to argue with yourself.

– Round one kicks off on Wednesday. First round will have two battles a day (Wed-Sat). Voting ends on Tuesday. Second round is the same, but only one battle a day.

– We will likely allow you to vote on the site and on Twitter as well- for those of you who still dont have a Facebook account.


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