In the NO Podcast Episode 65: Kentucky or UNC?

Published: May 6, 2012

With a good eight members of the fourteen lottery slots in this comnig draft likely to be filled by players from Kentucky and UNC, Michael arranged for bloggers covering those teams to come on and walk us through each of those potential lottery picks and their strengths and weaknesses.

Our first guest is Glenn Logan of, who adresses all our questions about the unibrow, Kidd-Gilchrist, Terrance Jones and Marquis Teague.

Our second guest is Brian Barbour of, who answers questions about Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller, John Henson and Kendall Marshall.

A big thanks to both our guests!

It’s a monster podcast, hope you got some time to burn and get smart!

Enjoy the Podcast! Want it on Itunes?


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