Hornets fall to Clippers

Hornets are unable to hold on to an 11-point lead against the Clippers and fall in Los Angeles.  I have to agree with McNamara.  The Clippers are a team I’d love to like, but there’s too much unwarranted arrogance there.

It’s pretty simple, really.  The Hornets couldn’t handle the pressure in the fourth, had a few 50-50 calls go against them, got flustered, and lost their composure and the game.  The Clippers had a size and power advantage down low, but Griffin never really used it after the first quarter, being stymied by Lance Thomas and Landry for most of the third – and it was the superb on the ball defense of Paul attacking the sometimes shaky handle of Vasquez and Gordon that turned the game in the Clippers favor. Ten turnovers between those two guys, and there were six int he fourth and 19 for the team.  That’s pretty much all that was needed.

Other observations:

  • I found it curious that Lance Thomas and Carl Landry had fought Blake to a standstill when they were facing him, but Monty went with Ayon and Smith to end the game.  Hmm.
  • I’m fighting myself.  I want to say something snide about Blake Griffin and his flying elbows and flapping lips so badly.  Oh wait, I guess I just did.
  • Marco played very little of the game, and then was sent in as the point guard in the fourth and immediately jacked up some terrible shots, including choosing a contested pull-up three off the dribble when he was in position to pass into Landry in the post.  Where Landry had just scored.  Marco proceeded to shoot 1-8 for the game.  Hmm.
  • I like Dyson’s gumption.  Even when Paul was attacking him hard, he never lost his composure and kept going right back and CP3.  He was good at getting into the paint, and a solid defender.  He has a chance to on a roster next year at the end of the bench.
  • Which is worse, horse-collaring a player going full speed in the air on a layup, or hip-checking someone when both players are running at full speed.  Apparently the first is a flagrant 1.  The second is a flagrant 2 with suspensions.  Really.
  • Deandre Jordan is eager to block shots.  So eager, he leaves his man alone so he can roam.  This, by itself, accounted for three of the Hornets eight offensive rebounds.
  • Aminu put together a nice, under the radar game.  I used to say about Ariza, if he could give me a 13-5-3-1.5-1 on 40% shooting, I’d take it and be happy.  So today, I’m calling it.  Given the choice between Ariza and Aminu, I go with AFA.  His defense isn’t as good as Ariza’s, but I’m convinced if you gave him 35 minutes a game like Ariza got, he’d post a 14-8-2-1.5-1.5 on 45% shooting.

With wins today by Sacramento and Golden State, the Hornets just got a touch of breathing room as the third worst team in the league.  Two more losses, and the Hornets lock it up.

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  1. When I see what Chris Paul did on tonight’s game, I remember that our game against the Grizzlies when he left the court no points. Two completely different attitudes…

  2. Oh, and I cannot forget… I don’t like the Clippers! I don’t like racists! I don’t like Donald Sterling! And I don’t like Blake Griffin! I would never wish success for them. Under no circumstances. Chris Paul no longer means anything to me.

  3. Blake Griffin is easy to not like. He complains about defenses playing rough against him, but he tries to play a physical game. He plays the rough game but whines when people play rough against him… its stupid. I loved Ayon’s tech.

  4. Random time to say this, but I love EJ10. My new favorite player.

    When he and Aminu are both starters, AFA is averaging:
    12.6 pts, 7.2 rebs, 2 ast, 1 blk, 1.6 stl in 31 minutes per game, 53% FG

    Clearly more comfortable next to Gordon. Assuming we keep EJ, I’ll be happy if Aminu is our starting SF next season. He knows his role and seems to be growing on Monty.

    Also I must say, how can you NOT still love CP3? 33 points on 18 shots, 19 attempts at the FT line? 13 assists and 8 steals? Damn.

    • Funny as I was watching the game last night, listening to the God-awful Clippers announcers, it occured to me all the sudden that I’m over CP. Kind of like when you see an old girlfriend out that took a very long time to get over since she ditched you … you know, there’s that place in the back of your mind where you believe y’all will get back together, even though she’s completely forgotten about you … and you see her out and realize *man she doesn’t matter to me anymore.*
      I enjoy watching Chris Paul for the same reason I enjoy watching Kevin Love, Kevin Durant and Lebron James …. I think great basketball players are like great artists all with different styles. But other than that and with our new era about to begin ….. I’m over Chris Paul.

  5. The Clippers are collective morons.

    If the deadclock points they were giving us isn’t proof positive of this fact, Chris Paul leaping in the air as a defender when not disrupting a shot should show just how tenacious a disease it is.

    Griffin’s gerbil eyes and Martin’s air of “Bane” just add to it visually.

  6. Blake Griffin had easily 10 foul-worthy shoves, elbows, and take-downs in that game that weren’t called. The Reggie Evans flop should go down as an all-time great, and CP3 had a couple beauties as well.

    As usual, the 3-point shooter for the other team had their best night EVER, while our Belliinneelllli couldn’t throw it in the Pacific and Gordon was trying a bit too hard for someone who looks like he isn’t trying half the time….

    They kept it interesting the whole game, and the whole putrid season for that matter. Tanks for the memories….

  7. Them Clippers are a very chidish and inmature no one takes them seriously CP3 needs to play around real men and not boys yeah the boys beat the men last night but next season the men will be much stronger and sweeped them.

  8. I can’t stand all the flopping by the Clippers. It will give me great joy to see them eliminated in Round 1. #FlopCity

  9. One thing I wanna say is flopping just ruins the game of basketball. I used to defend Chris Paul all the time, but now looking at it from the other side my eyes are open.

    I thought it was a great game, would have been completely different had half of our players not been hurt or benched.

    I think Gordon forced a lot, because he wanted to make something happen. His defense on CP in the third quarter was amazing, I loved it.

  10. Simply hated the whining commentators of the Clippers. It was a great game and AFA really put together a good game against his old team. EG tried too hard to put the final nail in the coffin. He’s probably still upset over the trade, but it’s time to move on. I’m glad that Demps and Williams will get the opportunity to work with “untied” hands and continue to find the right pieces to take this team to the next level. I know many question the moves of Demps, but I believe that it was the league and Stern messing around with his decisions that made him look as if he didn’t have direction. He and Monty seem to work well together and it translates to the floor. When Paul was traded to the Clippers I said they’d be my second favorite team. However, that has changed for me….I want them out in the first round.

  11. I think the Bees did a great job last night. The third quarter was a blast. Loved how worried those arrogant Clips looked. What in the world do they have to be so cocky about? Kind of knew we weren’t going to have enough left in the tank to finish them off, but we put them on notice to watch out for next year!

  12. I don’t know if you saw the end of the game when jack was talking to Paul, but at some point afterwards Paul looked pissed at what someone on the hornets bench said n he kept staring back n saying something at the hornets bench when he was walking away. anybody confirm this?

  13. I believe I posted after the first Hornets-Clippers game that the Clippers will be an easy team to hate. They clearly have an inferiority complex about being the Lakers’ red headed stepchild. They really seem to be enjoying their first modicum of success in eons. This team will be one and done in the playoffs.

    Blake Griffin is a detestable “super star”. He loves to dunk and pose over opposing players, but, he’s a flopper and a whiner. Hey Blake, if you’re going to be a tough guy… be a tough guy. Otherwise, STFU! I never cared much for Chris Paul’s flopping and wihining when he was a Hornet, now I really can’t stand watching that foolishness.

    In the end, the loss was a good thing for Operation Tank. However, in the heat of the moment, I was intensely pulling for the Hornets to win that game. It looks like we’re developing a heated little rivalry with the boys from Flop City.

  14. And you guys can hate on Mike Smith all you want.. He’s a blowhard.. But leave Ralph Lawler out of it.. He’s one of the best play by play guys out there, and he’s been doing it for the worst franchise in the history of sports for 28 years now.

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