Hornets fall to Clippers

Published: April 23, 2012

Hornets are unable to hold on to an 11-point lead against the Clippers and fall in Los Angeles.  I have to agree with McNamara.  The Clippers are a team I’d love to like, but there’s too much unwarranted arrogance there.

It’s pretty simple, really.  The Hornets couldn’t handle the pressure in the fourth, had a few 50-50 calls go against them, got flustered, and lost their composure and the game.  The Clippers had a size and power advantage down low, but Griffin never really used it after the first quarter, being stymied by Lance Thomas and Landry for most of the third – and it was the superb on the ball defense of Paul attacking the sometimes shaky handle of Vasquez and Gordon that turned the game in the Clippers favor. Ten turnovers between those two guys, and there were six int he fourth and 19 for the team.  That’s pretty much all that was needed.

Other observations:

  • I found it curious that Lance Thomas and Carl Landry had fought Blake to a standstill when they were facing him, but Monty went with Ayon and Smith to end the game.  Hmm.
  • I’m fighting myself.  I want to say something snide about Blake Griffin and his flying elbows and flapping lips so badly.  Oh wait, I guess I just did.
  • Marco played very little of the game, and then was sent in as the point guard in the fourth and immediately jacked up some terrible shots, including choosing a contested pull-up three off the dribble when he was in position to pass into Landry in the post.  Where Landry had just scored.  Marco proceeded to shoot 1-8 for the game.  Hmm.
  • I like Dyson’s gumption.  Even when Paul was attacking him hard, he never lost his composure and kept going right back and CP3.  He was good at getting into the paint, and a solid defender.  He has a chance to on a roster next year at the end of the bench.
  • Which is worse, horse-collaring a player going full speed in the air on a layup, or hip-checking someone when both players are running at full speed.  Apparently the first is a flagrant 1.  The second is a flagrant 2 with suspensions.  Really.
  • Deandre Jordan is eager to block shots.  So eager, he leaves his man alone so he can roam.  This, by itself, accounted for three of the Hornets eight offensive rebounds.
  • Aminu put together a nice, under the radar game.  I used to say about Ariza, if he could give me a 13-5-3-1.5-1 on 40% shooting, I’d take it and be happy.  So today, I’m calling it.  Given the choice between Ariza and Aminu, I go with AFA.  His defense isn’t as good as Ariza’s, but I’m convinced if you gave him 35 minutes a game like Ariza got, he’d post a 14-8-2-1.5-1.5 on 45% shooting.

With wins today by Sacramento and Golden State, the Hornets just got a touch of breathing room as the third worst team in the league.  Two more losses, and the Hornets lock it up.


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