Attention Tumblers: You’re Welcome and What’s Next

Published: April 19, 2012

A quick celebration post on the second-to-last week of Tumbling by Chris Trew.

Tumblewolves Nation Rejoice! Through our combined efforts we have enabled maximum tumbling to occur over the past 10 games as our pretend rivals haven’t won a game all month. That incredibly satisfying sensation that’s running through your body right now is the pretty much guaranteed lock that we’re getting two top 10 picks.

Hey, did you know? Their remaining games are against the Pistons (meh), Warriors (boring) and Nuggets (whatever). Not a whole lot can change so forgive us for popping the double lottery pick champagne bottle a little early. We deserve it. You deserve it. Anything is possibllllle!

Hey, did you know? The name Tumblewolves was created by my best friend and favorite funny person Tami Nelson. Her followable twitter is right here. At the start of the NBA season (about three weeks ago, right?) I said to her, “What’s a funny taunt to use against the Timberwolves” and she immediately shot back “Tumblewolves” and then this whole thing was born.  Tell her Thanks next chance you get, ya heard.

Hey, did you know? This weekly column is coming to an end soon. The Tumbling has occurred and we’re all looking forward to this season being over so we can be excited about Minnesota’s young squad (although that region’s fan base as a whole has no love for us because of that whole NFC Championship thing but whateves). I also know that you all are losing sleep over the future of the Tumblewolves Twitter account. We’ll get to the future of that latere in a debate that’s certainly going to eclipse the whole rebranding thing.

Hey, did you know? The Wolves tumbled. Yeah, we keep saying that but it’s important. Congrats to everybody who followed the movement.

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