Game On: Clippers @ Hornets and the Return of the Point God

Published: March 22, 2012

Chris Paul is back in the Crescent City and I’m still struggling with my feelings toward him.

Buzzfest has been cancelled for tonight due to the weather.

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We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Chris Paul, the savior, the point god, the chosen one, the hero, the deserter, is back. To start with, I want to throw out a few things that I consider to be facts–

1. Chris Paul greatest assist was to David Stern. Without Paul getting so many of us into the Hornets, there’s no way that Stern would have stuck his neck out to make the shot (purchasing the team) that will keep us here for the long term.

2. Chris Paul is the greatest basketball player the New Orleans Hornets have ever had. He literally was so good that he changed the culture down here. He made it cool to like the Hornets, and they desperately needed someone like that, especially after Katrina.

3. Chris Paul is probably the number one reason why I consider myself to be a sports writer of sorts. Without his awesomeness, I don’t think that I’d have been as excited about the Hornets as I was after my first game as a season ticket holder in the 2007-2008.

4. Chris Paul’s excellence extended far beyond the court. Some of his most lasting contributions to the city of New Orleans are the kids he gave presents to around the holidays, and those who play on courts that he refurbished.

Now let’s get to why I’m going to boo him, albeit in writing.

Here– Booooo!

I’m pissed he left. What can I say? I am. I’m pissed that he wasn’t open and honest when asked about it by media members. I’m pissed that he pretended that he didn’t know why his name was flying around in trade rumors, and feigned ignorance at his ability to stop it.

He gave us a lot of good years, but that’s all in the past now. I’m a Hornets fan. He’s on the opposing team. This isn’t rocket science.

Will I cheer openly when he’s introduced/recognized by the Hornets? Sure. Of course. He was the man around here and should get some gratitude for that. He deserves a round of applause the likes of which we’ve never given anyone prior, and I imagine he’ll get it.

But will I silently curse his name every time he dishes a sweet behind-the-back pass or boo when he pulls out one of his signature flops? Hell to the yes. I’ll silently boo my face off. That flopping is absurd. I hated it even when I rooted for Paul.

When push comes to shove, he’s not even just another player on another team that I want to see lose.  He’s worse than that. He’s the guy who offered us the world, and then gave up on us when things got too tough. So screw the lottery balls. Let’s kick the crap out of the Clippers tonight. There’s no game I’d rather win all season long.


How do you feel about Paul coming back? Surely I’m not the only one with an opinion…

 Pregame Notes

  • No Landry, but they evaluate him again tomorrow
  • No Gordon
  • Weather still sucks and it took forever to get to the Arena.
  • Monty said he hopes people cheer Paul before the game and boo afterward.


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