Game On: Warriors @ Hornets

Published: March 21, 2012

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! With a Tornado Watch, a Flash Flood Watch and the Saints losing their coach for the entire year to suspension, a gang of Warriors roaming the town may be the least of the worries for New Orleans this evening.

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The Warriors are in The Hive tonight and, as fans, we could witness history. What kind of history that is, I don’t really have more than random guesses. Maybe Jarrett Jack will hit 30 in a row? Perhaps the Hornets will somehow win by 80. The greatest dunk in history could be thrown down.

Or maybe we’ll just watch the Hornets win their second game in a row against poor opposition. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

The Warriors come into New Orleans with an 18-25 record, eight games ahead (or behind?) of the Hornets in the standings. They sport a -1.7 point differential per game, an offensive efficiency rating of 103.7 (7th), a defensive efficiency of 104.3 (25th), and perhaps most importantly– a history of taking 21 threes per game at a 38.5% clip this season.

The Hornets allow 19.6 threes a game despite playing at the slowest pace in the league, but they have managed to allow their opposition to shoot only 31.4 percent so far.

Odds are that the Warriors will have their chances to get hot from deep, and because the Hornets aren’t a particularly good at scoring (they rank second to last in efficiency), that could spell disaster.

For that reason I’m not thrilled about the Hornets chances tonight. Don’t get me wrong– this is a winnable game even if they give up a fair number of threes, but in order to do so the Hornets are going to have to limit turnovers (a problem) and hit some threes of their own. So far on the season they’re averaging 12.2 threes a game (third lowest) and hitting only 32.4 percent (22nd), so if it turns into a shootout it’s hard to see how the Hornets prevail.

I’ll be at the game nice and early to see what’s new on the injury front and whatnot. Let me know if you have any questions for any of the players and I’ll see if I can get some answers.


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