Game On: Hornets @ Kings

Published: March 7, 2012

It is time once again to stare directly into the light that is Marcus Thornton.

The Kings sport a dismal 12-26 record, but they are actually above .500 at home (8-6), a record that includes a 16 point win over the Hornets back on New Year’s Day. In fact, the Kings are 2-0 against the Hornets this year and have beaten them two completely different ways. In the first game, DeMarcus Cousins was serving a team mandated suspension, so guards Tyreke Evans and Sir Marcus Thornton took over, scoring 52 points on 36 shots. In game two, Cousins was back and he terrorized the Hornets, dropping 28 and 19 as the Kings came back from an 18 point deficit to win.

Bottom line is that this is not a good matchup for the Hornets (but then again, how many teams are?) because they simply don’t have the talent to take advantage of the Kings defensive inefficiencies. The Kings are going to score points, but most teams who play them simply score more. The resistable force plows into the moveable object, as the 29th ranked offense faces the 30th ranked defense. So far in this matchup the defense has won, or should I say, the offense has lost.

Other News and Notes:

Trade of the Day: We had an interesting one on our Twitter account that fans of both teams seemed to like. Here it is. And the Nets also throw in their unprotected 2012 first rounder (which would be #5 as of now). Basically, the Nets clear space and build around Big 3 of D-Will, Gordon, and Dwight (who they sign in summer). Meanwhile, the Hornets have three lotto picks (possibly 2 of the top 5) and Lopez moving forward. Thoughts?

Vegas Zone: The line started at Hornets +5, but has moved up to +5.5. The over/under is at 192 and I would take the under considering how difficult it has been for the Hornets to score at times in the first two meetings. I also like the Kings giving the points, as I just think it is a bad matchup for the bees.

– Gustavo will be out tonight because of a sore left foot, leaving Monty to decide between Solomon Jones, Aminu, and Lance Thomas to start at the four. I say he goes the conservative route and starts Thomas.

– The Wolves host Portland tonight. Hopefully we got the Blazers back on track and now they can steamroll the TumbleWolves.

– There are rumors out there about the ownership situation and people hit us up everyday on Twitter to ask about it, but you just gotta be patient. I think this site has done a great job of laying out a lot of the principles, but it is a slow process that is very fluid. There will be an owner in the next two months and this period of unstableness will soon be a distant memory.

– Finally, we got a lot of exciting things planned over the next few weeks, including a watch party, our first ever interactive live video chat, some fantastic announcements, and more! Stay tuned.


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